Thursday, 7 March 2019

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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Squirt's Pot!

When I first saw the 
Set I just knew I had to make a scene with Squirts pot. Those you follow my daily ramblings will know of The three Baskervilles so called as they are big dogs and we live in Plymouth close to Dartmoor where Arthur Conan Doyle took inspiration for his book The Hound Of The Baskervilles.

Jilla Pierrot and Squirt are their names . Three funny loving protective Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
For those who dont know.  Squirt is the youngest … the funny one the mad one the one who inevitably finds trouble even if she doesn't actively looks for it! 

Our garden has to be reached by going down two flights of stairs,  being Plymouth its hilly. So while you walk straight into our house on the first level to reach the garden you have to walk into the kitchen and then go down the stairs to the back garden …
In the garden we have a hole in the wall mainly for drainage but … we also have a toad who lives there... its dark and damp and reaches far back so he is safe from inquisitive Baskervilles.  In front of the hole is the remains of the mimosa tree that we had to cut down a few years ago … the Toad and snails are often found around that part of the garden... I let that little bit grow a little bit wild  there is an ornamental grass that seems to have taken root … while I wouldn't have planted it.  It provides cover and insects for the toad.
Squirt often visits that part of the garden the sniffs and grass provide her with endless amusement. Squirt also has taken to carrying an old flowerpot around she holds it in her teeth and takes it to show Toad. Putting it on the tree trunk  And giving it a stern look in case it decides to move. Sometimes Pot seems to have a life of its own … as it blows in the wind, this frustrates our not so bright Ridgeback who expects Pot to stay where she has put it. And not travel up to the other side of the garden when the wind blows it around ….  So this really is a little glimpse of Squirts Pot and her toady friend. Snails et all ….. 

Just because you have to kiss a lot of Toads before you find your prince !

Just because Zebras don't have to be Black and white xxx and I dont "DO " Monochrome !  Hope you like these I must admit I do when I first opened the envelope I knew what I was going to do …. Again time was against me I am still in the throws of cleaning and decorating after the house fire …. I will get to play more with these I have somewhere animal prints that would look so nice with this set x again I would colour them and not leave them Black and white xxx Look forward to playing and showing you hopefully soon xxx 

Hope you like this months samples
 xxx Crafty hugs xxx

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Bee Happy x

This set just made me smile as soon as I saw it … I adore bee's other than spiders and butterfly's they are my favourite insect. The buzz and hum of them in the garden conjure up a warm summer day. Lots more to discover in this set and There is a feil mouse in the next set that would work so well with this too I can see him nestled in the flowers and will have a play once life gets back to normal here and maybe a tutorial …. something I haven't done for a while 

See the little mouse … so cute  Bunny and brambles. Is ideal for a nature lover and I am dying to try the other flowers with this set mix them up a bit …. Love to play .

These two sets just go so well together …. or they can be used on there own or indeed with other sets ...a good mix and match.

This set often comes out to play So many different variations with this lovely set …. Hope you like the stamps this month and what I have done with them xx

Crafty Hugs xxx

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Moon gazing

In no particular order this month as Blogger is not playing the game and loading the photos where I want them !  so we have three sets all together.  Which is the first photo  and then the fifth one down …. Birds and bugs there are all sorts of critters on this along with the birds it will be so useful when put together with other sets ….

The second photo is from which is a lovely set With blossoms and swirls and useful  phrases...

Last but not least we have the Lino Cut Hares....
My heat leapt when I saw this set.  I kid you not …. I LOVE This set it will with the poppy sets that Jenny has done in the past and the Robin for Christmas set,  become one of my all time favourites … Just when I think I know whats coming next something new comes out of the box …. MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE x

Sorry this is all higgley piggily this month but the setting have changed on blogger … is anyone else having hassle or is it just me x

Hope you like the samples in any case and enjoy playing with them as much as I did …. look out for more hares !

Crafty hugs xxx

Wednesday, 25 April 2018


Hello Lovely Peeps. 
Spring has sprung and there is a wealth of spring flowers in the park at the moment.
Among them Bluebells
                                                              Which brings me to this
lovely set designed by Janie Burnett-Bleach.
   I coloured this in toning shades of grey then added Wink of Stella in a clear silver it gives it a metallic sheen. Sadly this does not reflect well in the photo.

This time I brought the Gelli plate out to play,  Brayered a soft background. this really is a quick fifteen min card.  Add Bluebells and Bees....a sentiment and that's it, job done


  I have a confession This card the one above was an accident. I used the wrong ink as the background!  Tim Holtz distress inks.  Still using the Gelli plate I inked and pressed but... the effect was odd it went into speckles of ink! I liked the effect so stayed with it and this impressionistic type print was the result.  This is just using the trees out of the bluebell set. and the grasses.


  A combination of sets here still on the theme with Bluebells
 ( I do like this set can you tell!)

 I have teamed with the Star of Bethlehem set.  To add interest to a little wooden chest I picked up from the range ( I think ).
I Painted the box with soft acrylic blue paint then stamped the bluebells, around the lower half of the box and painted them in Twinkling H2Os.  The star of Bethlehem I have had to stamp onto card, as I couldn't get them to sit and stay as I wanted.  Painted then stuck onto the top of the little chest. Added some twine around the bottom and was going to add a few buttons but I couldn't find the colours I was after...Please with this it would make a nice little jewel box or a place to hide your sweets!

 We had a fun set of GNOMES,  these always make me smile. we see a LOT around the west country in different poses so of course when I saw this one I had to sit him under the bluebells didn't I?

Last but not least is the baby in the cot. An older set along with the baby on the washing line But lovely....both come in grey rubber. and are a quick easy stamp to use when you need a Christening card or Baby newborn or indeed a first birthday.


Hope you like this month's samples xxx I had great fun making them xx
Crafty hugs xxx 

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Happy Easter.

 Hello Again Lovely Peeps,  Thank you for joining me for yet another Hobby Art TV show...Jenny is on the telly this month with the lovely Lisa Pearce. Who is showcasing her first stamp set she has designed for Hobby Art.  A talented Crafter Lisa has been part of the team for longer than I have. This is a lovely set and without further ado this is the card I made using this particular set.

 Next, There is a lovely Floral set Hydrangeas I enjoyed this set. Lot's of lovely colours to play with here I have done Purples and deep pinks

 A little decoupage used on this one Hope you can see it.

 Now here we have a rather funky card!!  With a rather fab set ideal for Journaling. Called catch the moments.  The card below is using one of the sentiments and glossy card with alcohol inks.
Now we have two old favourites. the first is Oliver the owl ....I LOVE owls magnificent birds we have an Owl sanctuary nearby and sometimes in the summer they bring a selection of owls to town all very well behaved,  I used glossy black card from my stash for this one and using Versamark  and perfect pearls this gives a lovely effect. 

The next old favourite is the Hare set.
I wanted to do something different with this one .... he looks good on Kraft card but I have done a few cards in the past using that so ... went back to a white card but changed the colour of the hare...

Hope you like the samples for this months and LOVE the sets I really think there is something for everyone here 

Monday, 19 February 2018

Hello Lovely Peeps

                                         December's Monthly Special 2017 - A Walk with Nature
Pebble Art.  Who has heard of it? The idea is you paint a pebble and then varnish it and hide it somewhere ... in a park or at a shopping centre. Anywhere it will be found. The thinking behind it is the world can be a dark grey place sometimes... so let's add a little colour bring a smile to someone's face who had found one of these treasures  If someone finds it they can take a photo and rehide it or just take a photo and keep the pebble. But let FACEBOOK know there are plenty of pages on there with different towns and cities Type in Pebble art and see what comes up near you. 
The second pebble use's January 2018 Monthly Special - Hedgehogs. This was last months special a lovely set that I have been wanting to work with,  but flew off the shelves so we the DT Had to wait! 
Both of these are painted with Tambi watercolour paints these lovely creamy paints give a really good coverage and then I simply sprayed both Pebbles with spray and shine. and just left them to dry.
Here is the stamp from the first Pebble used in a card its called.
A Walk with Nature. A5 Clear stamp set - includes 14 stamps.
Lovely set nice to do spring birthday cards.
I like this set it's unusual.  Hope you do as well.

The Next Three cards very different but are all taken from the same set this one is from   HOBBY ART and is called  Take Flight.  Very lovely I have only had time to scratch the surface with this set I can see lots of possibilities with this.  I hope it has inspired you x

Well, that's all for this month I hope you like the samples and maybe you would like to Paint a pebble if you would and need any help as to where to buy the pebbles from and what to use then feel free to ask me either here or on Facebook. Always happy to help another crafter if I can x