Saturday, 22 September 2012

Clarity Stamps T'was the night and Baubles Star card

I love the poem T'was the night before Christmas. It's become a family tradition on Christmas Eve that I read it to my boy's of course now James is 21 and a little too old for such things but Rory will still listen with awe.....well I think it's awe and not boredom! I think even when he is 40 he will still believe in Saint Nicholas that Jolly old elf ............................the instructions on how to make the star card are on the previous post I hope you enjoy looking and have a lovely day wherever you are xxx B

Star card ......

Good morning on this bright but nippy September day. well as out thoughts turn to Autumn and for some of us Christmas I thought I would make a star card for my Clarity homework......I do play with other stamps but the clearness and good quality of Clarity Stamp have made them a firm Favourite I have a Clarity Stamp that was I think the second stamp I ever bought Topaz is the name it's over ten years old and still going strong.
Ok enough waffle!
 You will need either 15 cards in three different colours but all the same hight......I have picked out some pre scored card to save time but if you want to cut from 12x12 or A 4 card this is do-able too just keep the hight the same.......
I have chosen Green, Red, And a Pearlesant White card five sheets of each.

Next take the red card and measure a centre meter in. I have marked it clear for you to see, but you don't have to if you have a paper cutter just use the ruler on that. Fold card in half and cut now have a centre meter off BOTH sides of the card.....

Attach double sided tape to the edge of the green card, this is the only card you don't have to trim it stays the same size. Think of it as the cover of a book! Carefully butt the now cut Red card corner to corner with the Green card so when you look at it you should have a space between the middle fold.....your should look like mine above.

with one Red and Green edge attached spin the card round and do the other side again tape and but the cards edge to edge with each other when you stand it up right it should look like this.

Now for the last segment do the same again but taking the lightest colour card but this time cutting two centre meter's off the before we go any further it maybe an idea to stop and think how you are going to decorate this card....if you are stamping onto the card you need to do this now before we go any further because once it's attached you wont get a true clear impression same as if you want to emboss it if you want to do this do it now......
I have glued paper into the T'WAS THE NIGHT CARD only because I thought the card was a little pale and I wanted to make it more Christmassy! a little tip do not cut the paper the same size as the card you want it a little smaller so as when the card is closed it wont catch on the fold of the card and crease, leave the spine or fold clear and showing.

For the purpose of the tutorial I have gone straight ahead and not bothered with the paper.......I hope you don't mind.
When you stand you card up it should look like the segment with the white card......Now if you want to attach ribbon all I do is......The Middle segment on the green card make a hole about two centre meter's down and one centre meter in thread your Ribbon or ribbons through and either tie them in a knot and tape to the back of the green card or use a brad to hold them in place this way when you glue it all together at the end you wont see the hole!

Now you are ready to attach the segments together. The first green card is taped to the second green card to make two of the sections of the card.....yours should now have a card that looks something like this.

Hope this helps and you enjoy making it any question's or if you are stuck on any part of this please feel free to ask.
Have a great day and happy crafting. x B

Sunday, 2 September 2012 this set

A version of this card was kindly shown on TV by Barbara Gray.

 You will need;
Birdcage set by Clarity stamps.
Versamark inkpad.
Talcum powder and small brush.
Big a juciy inkpad I chose Mountain Meadow.
Gold embossing powder.
A small lovebird mask made from a post it !
Clarity coated card.
Kay & Co card from Mira collection and Purple card to mat and layer.
Add ribbon if desired
Copy Paper & Splodgemat

Sprinkle talcum powder over card and brush off .....Put a piece of copy paper under the card.
Stamp Lovebird on card and wait to dry in this instance I did not do INK BLOT PLOT but stamped the first generation ink I used a corner of the mountain meadow for the purple and left to dry.
Put the mask over the now dry lovebird and with your brayer ink the LEFT part of the inkpad this is where the yellow is and you want the yellow in the middle gradually becoming darker towards the edge of the card. To do this Ink up the brayer and roll off onto the copy paper or mat so you have taken nearly all the ink off. From the Bottom Right of the copy paper,  spin the brayer across the card making sure that the Yellow is in the middle of the card and the darker colours on the edge . Now half the card should be coated in ink you may want to do this again to add depth of colour....the next step is to spin the card around so the Inky part is now on the left hand side and the lovebird upside down! repeat inking and go again still making sure the yellow is in the middle overlapping the previous brayering. Go again until you are happy you have the depth of colour you want.

Leave to dry.......Now Me being me sprinkled a bit more talc on here.....the makers of Johnson & Johnson would have been proud! brushed it off then take off lovebird mask and inked up the birdcage in Versamark and stamped it onto the now dry and sweetly smelling card! over the top of the lovebird.  Added the Pole type stamp and the big birds sprinkled gold embossing powder on it and heat embossed it with a heat gun. added swirls and sentiment gold heat embossed again.Add now sweet smelling card to purple card to mat onto the kay and co card and from there onto a card of your choice......xxxxx hope you like it

When is a Christmas card not a Christmas card?

Same stamp different styles this was made as a Christmas stamp and form's part of a set along with the NOEL that you see in the bottom photo. That is very dramatic and different for a smart card that could be used for a male or possibly corporate card stamped in Versamark and gold heat embossed onto Black Clarity Cardstock the doves are coloured in silver and the whole stamp edges in gold micron pen then added a gold ribbon and matted on gold mirri . I liked the gold holly hunky dory card for this and there you have it the doves are fast becoming a favourite stamp and the top card shows just how versatile this one is ......change colours and you have a wedding card I can see this being used foe Christening's and Easter a stamp that I'm going to get my monies worth out of!