Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep .... chirp !

Hello My Lovely Peeps...
Who remembers Middle of the road way back when !  Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep ?
One of the first records I ever bought along with David Cassidy and the Partridge Family. Don't take Your Love Away From Me... Deep sigh.  Who Else had the full length poster on the bedroom wall bought over three weeks out of the girls magazine Jackie and while we are talking about that magazine who remembers Cathy and Claire the problem pages !  ..... the teenage bible ! fond memories ... however I digress ....

Our sets this month are a little different .... Two sets both birds
The first is

And the next one is

Now normally I can say yes I prefer one over the other and give you a reason why BUT
I like both of these equally.   If you look carefully at the birds ..... Look at the wings you will see that they are made up from other images .... niot feathers ... Take a look.

And here with the other birds tail ...

The First image is that of Oliver Owl .... The one just above is nature reserve .... For all you colourists out there these are a dream and so very different I will leave you with a few samples of what I have done I really hope you like them as I really did have such fun deciding what to do .... These will not be put away in a folder but left on a box along side my favorite other sets like the Poppies close to hand ....I anticipate using these a lot x 

As you can see I had fun this month x Hope you like these as much as I enjoyed making them xxxxx 

Crafty Hugs xxx

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Brrr it's cold outside

 So what better time to craft. x  Hope everyone is well and not suffering from these nasty colds and coughs .... I have finally got rid of mine after it hanging round since the end of November.

So Bern get on with it enough waffling !  Wheres the samples well since you ask .......

Using the lovely  I have had a lovely play with these  have a bit of a purple theme going on ... strange cause I'm not a purple girl .... those who love the colour will know what I mean ... but somehow it just seemed to work with this set ..... I hope you like them .. the card above  is cut from a crealies die and the door hanger was a bit of fun one evening when I was left to my own devices .... both are samples for the telly this month

The card below Just shouted springtime I wanted bright ... and while It's on my page I couldn't send it in to the TV but I hope you like it anyway .

Next let me introduce Bluebell wood

Combined here with the HAPPY BIRTHDAY  from the Thinking of Ewe

I Hope you like what I have done this month xxx

So Till I get time to blog and chat to you again take care crafty hugs xxxx 

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Birds of a feather x Hobby Art

Hello Lovely Peeps xx Thank you for joining me today here are my samples for Hobby Art .
This Month we have Feathers Birds  and trees 

The first sample is made with  I triple heat ewbossed the card after stamping to make a tile I hope you like it .

I do love this set ..... the words are so different and with tree's there is so much you can do ,,,,It can be used with other scene it sets I do like a set that can be used for more than one thing.... you get your money's worth out of them x

Earring .... Yes I know I am rekindling my love with shrink plastic.  And the peacok feather works so well with this again it's using the

Hope you like what I have made this month xxxx  Crafty Hugs xxxx

Monday, 3 October 2016

Time to remember...


Poppies. Have to be one of my favourite flowers ... to see them in the parks and cornfield bobbing in the sunshine is one of life's joys .

Of course Poppies are also synonymous with remembrance... so when Jenny told me we were showing the commemorative set  on air this month I was delighted .... A few of my followers may remember I did a lot of scrapbook pages for The Mare & Foal Sanctuary near Newton Abbot here in Devon did you know A MILLION HORSES WENT TO WAR. ..... Makes you think of the terror those poor animals went through during the time of the Great War... The War that was to end all wars ..... I hope you see what I have tried to do here the images are taken off the computer and are not my own nor are they relatives but they did make me pause and think.

                                                                      Lest we forget

Now for something a bit different .....using

Finally on a more cheerful note we have a brand new Farm set out Huge big stamp with background bits to put in and animals to go with it

 Wishing you all a great week Blogger and I are talking again... and I have reset my password  Hopefully we will speak again soon xxxx

Crafty hugs xxxx

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Christmas in July and ....

Hobby Art have moved to HOCHANDA.  Well I hope everyone watched the shows ....or at least recorded one of them.  Here are my samples from this month mostly Christmas samples except the  last one which was made with the Nature Trail set  .....

The First two cards are from the new Poinsettia sets
the top one is a bit of vintage decoupage with Seasons Greetings gold embossed matted and layered on gold mirricard .
The Second is just  a very quick image stamped and coloured in with promarkers ...ideal for batch making lot's of Christmas cards when you have a lot to do .....

Next we come to the Round Robin set
Now, anyone who know's me ....or follows my posts on the dreaded Facebook ....know's how much I love Robin Redbreasts Many are confused as to why he appears on our cards each year ...It is said when Christ was born on the fist Christmas Morning he was the first bird to sing at the manger to welcome the Christ child.....he was just a little brown bird who sang the most beautiful song ..... then years later as Christ was dying on the cross the Robin came and sang underneath the cross Three drops of his blood fell onto the Robin's breast and that's how he became the Robin Redbreast that we know and love today .

I hope you like his boots! 

A little mini book card using The gorgeous Round Robin Set and Bah Humbug !
A different take on what you may think is just a Christmas set .  Using Yupo Paper and Alcohol inks this card proves its not ....change the colours and you can make it any season you choose 

Well I hope you like what I have done and I hope it has inspired you  to look at your stamps and think a little outside the box .....

Crafty Hugs Bernie xxx

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Sorry all I have been a very bad blogger ....

Hi everyone .... Sorry I have been having MAJOR computer issues the amount of times I have tried to upload photos here ..well suffice to say I have lost count this teccy stuff is great when it works but a royal PIA when it doesn't . so I have lots of photos to share I hope you will forgive me if I just pop them on without any more waffle but I want to make sure it's all working again and then from next month ....July we can start again anew ....these sets are all from Hobby Art ....fingers crossed here it goes ....

Kingfisher Set  painted with perfect pearls in a black card ...

Daryl  the Quirky Turkey a pan of roast spuds! 

Nature trail .....

Nature trail and Holly and Ivy sets combined 

Nature Trail and Holly and Ivy set combined .

Nature trail with different colours ! very different ! 

Hopefully I will have ALL Problems sorted soon ...... All of the Above stamps can be found on the

Hope you enjoy looking and I have inspired you a little xx 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Jenny's on the Telly April xxx

Lots of news .... Sorry where's my manners.

 Hi everyone . Hope you are all well ....It's been a busy time in the Simmons household and to cap it all Dingbat here fell down the basement stairs and broke my leg bottom of the fibula   ! Have a rather fetching grey boot that I am hobbling painfully round in ....putting on a sock is a whole new different world of torture!
Added to that We have had a very poorly Purdy ...She went to sleep yesterday after a week of really struggling At the grand age of nearly 13.....she goes to be with Durban her mate sad times ...and if that wasn't enough ! Ian my Hubby is working away for the rest of this week  so it's me and the boy wonder who is being amazingly good ....I'm amazed he hasn't gone in to total meltdown.

Well here are my samples I hope you love them as much as I enjoyed making them xxxx

I hope you like my offerings this month xxxxx