Sunday, 27 May 2012

Barbara Grey. Craft's Beautiful card

In this months issue of Crafts Beautiful. Barbara Grey and Two Members of her Clarity team write a tutorial on how to make three cards.....I chose to do this one and while it drove me mad the first couple of times I tried to do it.......I kept getting spots when I tried to brayer....!
I then found out why! I had specks of embossing power either on the inkpad or on the table top but underneath the paper/card I was using of course when you ink and brayer over the top of the card the specks/ bumps show through took me a while to figure out what it was I just thought I had something on the baryer doh! anyway here is my take on the card that Barbara has done hope you like it.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Card for FIL's 80th Birthday.

I do like this set of Clarity stamps there are 8 different used stamps in this picture not all from the same set I hasten to add.

To make this you will need
Masking tape Low tack of course.
Adirondack inkpad Espresso.
Adirondack Cloudy Blue.
Adirondack Butterscotch.
Cut out post it note Circle for masking the sun!
Two Mice post it note masks one for each mouse!
These are all Clarity Stamps.
 The cottage
 The barrow
 The words
 2 x Poppies.
 2 x Mice
 And the crow
White card for stamping.
Happy Birthday sticker in gold
Card-stock of your choice.
I used an A4 card for this.
First put masking tape on three sides of your card Leaving the right hand side clear of tape for now...Using SECOND GENERATION INK!!! each time.
Plot and stamp where you want the cottage to be first then put the mask over were you want the Sun to be. Add the words and then the Barrow stamping the Barrow a little off it goes over the edge of were you think the picture should end.  Then carefully add the forth piece of masking tape. Stamp mouse one and cover with mask and then do the same with mouse two. Stamp poppies over the top of the masked mice, if the second lot of poppies go over the tape don't worry, However if you think they will go over onto the card on the other side of the low tack tape then just put a sheet of scrap paper there to catch any overspill of the poppy image.
The Sky and the yellow foreground was achieved using dusting brushes that I bought form the NEC last year .....for those who have never used them they are easy....just dip the brush onto the ink pad and dab a little ink then on a scrap sheet of paper just swirl around in circles then do the same on the art work/picture you are colouring how little you use is up to you. I used Promakers to colour in and stuck it to a golden foiled piece of card-stock leaving a lip of gold mirri showing I think it makes it look as though it's a card on a card! If you see what I mean...... Then glued the Picture onto an A4 card .I have had this in my stash for a while and sorry I can't remember where it's from or who made it. and added a couple of scrolls that I had cut from a spellbinder just to follow the tail of one of the mice! and the Happy birthday sticker simply matted onto white card with a gold scrap of mirri trimmed and stuck on with foam pads. I like this one it was a joy to make.

The colour purple!

Having wasted so much time effort and card on this project......with stamping and decoupage on Friday. I did what many of you advised I do go to bed and look at it with fresh eye's yesterday morning. Now I will admit it falls a long way short of my usual cards ( I personally do not like it.) I really can't get my head around Purple for a wedding to me that's a funeral colour.  And try as I might whatever I did still looked wrong.
In case anyone want's to copy this the ingredients are;
One piece of Hunkydory Purple swirls A4 card cut in half or trimmed to fit what ever card you have.
6 inch square of Dark green card.
6 inch x 12 inch Purple card-stock
A Small piece of piece of white glittered vellum.
A small piece of white card I used an off the moment I have plenty of those!
Clarity Stamp RSVP
Silver embossing powder.
Versa mark inkpad
Heat gun
Talcum powder and a small fine brush.
Sharp scissors.
You will also need a Cricut and the Wedding cartridge.

Stick Hunkydory card to card-stock. Pick Design of your choice and cut it in the Cricut machine. I cut the Bouquet blackout and stem in dark green at 5 inches.  Cut out with the Cricut again the Purple flower's that form the top of the Bouquet again in 5 inches. The ribbon bit  of the card that comes in the same colour as the flowers I discarded as the stem and ribbon are cut from the glittered vellum, the vellum was cut freehand after sticking the vellum onto the green card with vellum glue dots. I stuck the purple flowers onto the stem with foam pads,  then stuck the whole assembled piece onto the Hunkydory card.  Taking a small off cut of white card I brushed it with talc this prevents any stickiness that would attract specks of stray embossing powder. Stamped the Clarity RSVP in versamark and then added silver embossing powder heat embossed the card from underneath. trimmed to fit and tucked in under the Flower's added a few purple gems here and there to accent the flowers. ........Hope someone out there likes it I must say a thank you to my good crafty friend Tammy Knight who is an amazing font of wisdom ....Her suggestion was to take a Versamark pen and outline the cuts were the petal's are which I have done....oh well I hope MIL Likes it ! It's for her to send to her Grand-daughter.