Monday, 1 April 2013

Clarity Challenge 2

Well the challenge this month is in the garden so using Clarity Stamps Lesson 15 I thought I would try something I have never ever tried before. Glass Painting. after a couple of practice goes on a cheap mirror. I was trying to heat emboss ....And it going horribly wrong....I was beginning to wonder it this was such a good idea.
So what do you have to do when you glass paint. you will need a Brush. A box of Mixed Glass Paint's, Archival Ink. And Raised Paint Tube in Black to start off with. Tub of talcum powder.  Oh and a mirror
Talc your mirror brush off any excess talc and move onto a flat surface, Ink stamp up and stamp onto Mirror in the Black Archival Ink wait till this is dry then snip off the end of the raised paint tube and slowly trace round the stamped image. wait overnight until perfectly dry. Then taking your first colour, I chose Yellow, dip a thin brush into the glass paint and drip slowly do not drag the brush just drip it in between the raised paint and the colour will stay put encircled within the raised outline continue until you are happy that the image is filled but NOT over flowing, do not be tempted to touch the paint you will leave a perfect fingerprint. And you don't at this late stage want to ruin your work put it to one side and leave to dry for at LEAST 24-48 hours.....this is the hardest part!.  Hopefully you will have a lovely piece of artwork to show off.....Will I do this again? Yes I will ...Maybe a butterfly next time who know's hope you like it xxxx