Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Jenny's on the Telly April xxx

Lots of news .... Sorry where's my manners.

 Hi everyone . Hope you are all well ....It's been a busy time in the Simmons household and to cap it all Dingbat here fell down the basement stairs and broke my leg bottom of the fibula   ! Have a rather fetching grey boot that I am hobbling painfully round in ....putting on a sock is a whole new different world of torture!
Added to that We have had a very poorly Purdy ...She went to sleep yesterday after a week of really struggling At the grand age of nearly 13.....she goes to be with Durban her mate sad times ...and if that wasn't enough ! Ian my Hubby is working away for the rest of this week  so it's me and the boy wonder who is being amazingly good ....I'm amazed he hasn't gone in to total meltdown.

Well here are my samples I hope you love them as much as I enjoyed making them xxxx

I hope you like my offerings this month xxxxx