Sunday, 24 September 2017

More Robins .... Must be Christmas.

Hi All.
Hope all is well with you all since last month. I can't believe where the time is going I am already buying Christmas pressies. It doesn't seem five minutes since it was June and we were basking in the heat and sunshine...

So Robins I hear you ask come in then Bern let's have a look....

Cheeky aren't they ? I think I will be using these a lot on Christmas cards this year I do love a Robin x

Next we have Flowers

Love this set and I can see lots of possibilities so many different flowers take a look x 

There are two sets the other one is
And the words are also a brand new set
I dont have the link to that one yet but as soon as ai do I will pop it on the blog. 

Hope you like them Crafty Hugs till next time xxx

Monday, 28 August 2017

Oh Camel Ye Faithful!

A glorious day, here in a very sunny Plymouth. Seems strange to be thinking about Christmas so early but we are ... Sept just around the corner and the Christmas releases of stamps from all the various companies are well underway....

Our first set is our annual humours set and sorry you have to smile at these you thought Daryl the quirky turkey was good
Just wait till you see the Oh Camel Ye Faithful. funny just right for those cards when you dont want too much senimentallity.

Next we have Snowman and friends a nice set this quick and easy when you have a batch to do you can stamp and go ring the changes by using different colours or change the robins into something else .... 

I like the birdies x 

Now for the next set we have Gingerbread Christmas  I had to smile when I saw this what memories it evoked of Christmas and Baking in the kitchen and the smell of warm ginger cake a bit of heaven ! 

A rather lage A$ card I got a bit carried away with this one but it was so enjoyable to do once I started I found it hard to stop ...

And then I found a trinket box and went a bit mad with that too ! 

Painted with Dylusions green paint I'm sure there is a proper posh name but I will find out for you later then I used a little gold leaf paint to edge it and to paint the snowflakes and Merry Christmas. 
The hardest part for me is waiting for things to dry. ! 

One more a sweet little Snow man stamp that Hobby Art have produced as part of the Birthday Giveaway on Hochanda.  He is a sweetie. 

He is a very lovely Snowman. the trees are from the Gingerbread set I do like them. And the hills in the background are from Oh Camel All Ye Faithful !
So I  hope you like my samples this month.
Of to have a cuppa in the sunshine before watching Our Jenny On the telly xxx 
 Crafty Hugsxxx

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Christmas in July!

No No No ...... It's so wrong to be making Christmas cards in a heatwave . However the christmas stamps we have had to play with are lovely with scene it animals to stamp and colour and in truth these do not have to be just for Christmas .... but add different greens and take away the snow they could be anytime of year ....So first off we have WOODLAND WALK

I did become quiet carried away with this and stuck to a Christmas theme though I'm sure you as crafters can see the possibilities for other seasons ... maybe even use them with different scene it sets.
I can see many happy hours of playing with these xx

Next we have Geese  Now I'm afraid at the time of writing I don't have a link to these. But as soon as I do I will add it on FB and on here x but for now here are the photos of what I have done for those too x

Well thats all for now folks I hope you like the artwork this month and LOVE the stamps more Hobby Art to come next week with the Monthly special ... its already out and you can buy it at an fantastic price of £8.99
Why not take a look the robins are so cute xx

Wishing you a lovely day crafty hugs xxx  B

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Hi Everyone ..

As I sit and write we are in June I am cold and it's raining!  So much for our English summer.  I have been out with two very good friends today for a mooch around the antique shops in the Barbican... which is the old quarter of Plymouth there are some lovely buildings there, one friend is excited as she thinks she may have found a piece of moorcroft for a steal .... I hope she has it would make her day.

So with the Barbican in mind, these two lovely grey rubber stamps that I have used on the first card are very apt  I have used nice bright colours in the style of Brian Pollard whose bright cheerful paintings and prints I love .... I hope you like this card as much as I enjoyed making it.

The next cards  Are using the most lovely set by Janie Burnet-Bleach called Janies Collection Floral-Mix.It's a nice floral set with a good mix of flower heads and leaves in the set

 As you can see there is a lovely poppy head which as you all are aware is my favourite flower.  It doesn't have to be red for remembrance. Poppies come in a wide variety of colours  

The last card is from an older set but still comes out to play for summer birthdays.

Those are my TV samples for this month ..... Only Four Bern ? Yes sorry folks but home has been busy we have been away and had to deal with all sorts this month... but hey we come out the other end with humour and a little wiser!  

One more then this is NOT a TV sample but our Monthly Special which is

Puffins are such cheeky birds who I think are a little like bees , in that they shouldn't be able to fly .... but they do. 
Now the child in me is off to find a puddle or two..... it maybe raining but I still love to dance in the rain xx 

Crafty Hugs xxx

Thursday, 27 April 2017

April ..... WOW What a month

Well where to start.... Hobby Art yet again pulled another wonderful set out of their stable this month  with Orla the Owl.
I thought I would ring the changes and make a canvas out of this lovely set .... that decided, the expanse of white just looked and me and talk about cutting it fine I think it was the Wednesday night before I knew what I wanted to do .......that decided it was then all systems go to prep it and get it dry before traveling up to london on the Friday . and to hand over to Jenny Mayes from Hobby Art on the Saturday at Ally Pally ..... How long ago that seems.....  Nothing like a bit of pressure is there. so here is my Orla canvas I hope you like it.

Next to come are my samples for this month .... I don't know where the time went it seemed such a quick month  time has flown ... With orders to do  and Baskervilles and not forgetting the ever helpful boy wonder .....Enough waffling Bern . Get on with it I hear you cry .... ok Well here are the next sets

Lovely set with scope to make Christmas cards with this, the fir trees add to the set another dimension not just the moody black shadows think of them in White covered in snow ......

Next we have

Again lots you could do with this .... not just  a good male spring birthday .... ( Don't you find Male cards hard to find an image or stamp for ... well this one is perfect ) Nails it and again will work well for Christmas ....Yes I know it's early but the quicker we start .....

From the same set as the stag
Spring has sprung with the hare  and this set .....

Well there you have my samples for this time I hope you like them and are a little tempted to try these lovely stamps out for yourself. xxx 

Till we chat again xx

Crafty Hugs xxx

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Spring has sprung

I'll start this post if I may , not with a sample for TV but rather a Mother's day card I made earlier this month with the lovely
I made this early in the month in plenty of time for Mother's day A lovely set I like daff's when James ask's me what I want for Mothers day I always say a bunch of Daffs xxx  :)

Now onto the Samples for TV this month .  We had some lovely sets to work with this month.

Three with the lovely dandelion  the first card is just watercolour pens bounced off the stamps to give a different colour on the seed heads.
The second card is monochrome using green  distress inks with some ribbon and a few crystals ...
 The third and last with this lovely set is made with perfect pearls in black encaustic card from my stash , Mounted and layered and put on a large A4 pearlescent card .

The next card is made with
And Brushos .... need I say more x

The next set is just adorable perfect for little people cards  its

Here I have used it with

Hope you like what I have done this month xxx Back soon with some more in a week or so ... Yes I know I spoil you xxx  :)
 Crafty Hugs x

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep .... chirp !

Hello My Lovely Peeps...
Who remembers Middle of the road way back when !  Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep ?
One of the first records I ever bought along with David Cassidy and the Partridge Family. Don't take Your Love Away From Me... Deep sigh.  Who Else had the full length poster on the bedroom wall bought over three weeks out of the girls magazine Jackie and while we are talking about that magazine who remembers Cathy and Claire the problem pages !  ..... the teenage bible ! fond memories ... however I digress ....

Our sets this month are a little different .... Two sets both birds
The first is

And the next one is

Now normally I can say yes I prefer one over the other and give you a reason why BUT
I like both of these equally.   If you look carefully at the birds ..... Look at the wings you will see that they are made up from other images .... niot feathers ... Take a look.

And here with the other birds tail ...

The First image is that of Oliver Owl .... The one just above is nature reserve .... For all you colourists out there these are a dream and so very different I will leave you with a few samples of what I have done I really hope you like them as I really did have such fun deciding what to do .... These will not be put away in a folder but left on a box along side my favorite other sets like the Poppies close to hand ....I anticipate using these a lot x 

As you can see I had fun this month x Hope you like these as much as I enjoyed making them xxxxx 

Crafty Hugs xxx