Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Autumn days

As Summer sadly draws to a close and the evening become short the weather cooler and rain splatters the window's.... My thought's drifted far away to a summer afternoon on the way back home from walking the dogs the bees were going about their business and one of the gardens we happen to pass had the most glorious array of hollyhocks. I adore these they bring back memories of going to visit the rich side of the family !!!  Not that any of the Uncles and Aunts were very rich but in my youthful ignorance anyone who could afford their own house and have such a beautiful garden must be rich indeed. My Uncle Harold and Auntie Jan Live there still. He will be 90 and she is a sprightly 83, wonderful they were each others first love and their devotion when I go to see them, which is not nearly enough still shines through. Well this card put me in mind of their garden with the flowers from my childhood the lovely Hollyhock's that were taller then I. The Daisy's (Margarite's)   the snapdragons wall flowers and roses all had their tale to tell in that garden. Sadly now though still tended with love the garden has lost it's glory age and time have taken their toll but I have only to close my eyes and I'm back as a child dancing in the Hollyhocks.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Project's for Clarity South West.

Two Project's using the holly stamp One a wreath using the large  Clarity Holly and Ivy stamp. Lots of masking and careful stamping You Need to stamp and cut out 2 masks .....There is a trick to this Draw a circle about 4 inches round in pencil on a white piece of theuva card. place one mask at the top going from the twelve o clock position on the circle Now as you look at the holly and ivy stamp the second holly leaf at the tip of the branch this is the one that needs to be placed directly onto the circle you will need to hover over the top of the mask as we dont want the branch to show ....this bit will be hidden by the mask the rest of the stamp once inked and stamped out will have a gap at the back were the branch should be.... carry on stamping and masking all the way round the circle. Do not remove the first mask, This makes is easier to judge where the last piece of the Holly and Ivy wreath goes. When you get to the last piece you will see a gap in the leaves insert the last image inbetween the leaves. This will complete the wreath. Colour in using promarkers and darken the edges with juniper ink using ink brushes  Stick on gems and Heat emboss in gold the Deck the halls stamp also by Clarity. I hope this makes sense if not and you fancy having a try at this PM me on Facebook and I will do my best to talk you through it.

The bottom project was a bit of fun a door hanger gilded with the Holly and ivy stamp set in silver and then painted in twinkling H2Os the Flakes were bought from Barbara Gray at Cowdon Claritystamp retreat.  The glue was I think was from cosmic shimmer???? but the label has come off so I would'nt swear to that. Anyway I hope you enjoyed our workshop makes I think our group did. xxx

Hi Everyone ...oh dear I have been a bad blogger sorry stern talking to self must do better! Well summer is paast and autumn with the cooler morning's and dark evening's has returned and once more our thoughts as card makers turn to Christmas...You either love it or hate it. I Love it, More then any other time of year the magic of Christmas still enthrall's me.

Both these cards Using the same set of  Clarity stamps. While shepherds watched their flocks. And Thought I would combine it with the calligraphy Angel to make the scene. Quick and easy to do.... the gold card has been heat embossed  in clear embossing powder with the swirl, and gives an engraved effect. Thank you for looking  Hope you like it. xxxx

Sunday, 15 September 2013

This is my design card for the Sweet Lilac Flowers challenge. The theme this month is vintage
I used the Clarity Butterfly Montage for this and The lovely flowers from Sweet lilac finish it off nicely. Hope you like it

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Clarity Challenge Vintage.

This Clock Kit from Karen Clare was a Joy to make up the instructions are straightforward and concise and easy to understand Go and take a look on Karens FB Page Karen Clare the Clock Lady she is on Barbara Grays DT and a great source of insperation.

I really enjoyed making this for choosing the design to making it up it took me less then an hour the hardest part was deciding what I wanted to do and what stamps to use after several changes of mind I picked the Paris Montage The Gent's Pocket Watch the Corset and the NDC Cow Parsley stamps a bit of simple masking and then coloured with pro-makers. Hope you like it. x