Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Favorite things

So I thought I would share a few of my favorite cards from this year's Hobby Arts sets ...(Mind you Hobby Art have had a great year and gone from strength to strength in my opinion).
 So in fifth place  from the toddler set this card.  He does look like my eldest James at two years old.

  I have chosen this set as there are sets for babies and  slightly older children but nothing that I have come across for those all important  pre school years.

The next set was the March Monthly special Liked this a lot and with the yellow and green brushos it really make thios stamp set ping. is another of my Fave sets this is a rubber set of two ....Quiet funky birds they make me smile and are enough to say a cheery hello or Happy Birthday on the greyest of days

The fourth set out of my TOP five is Dudley the donkey he edged in a nose ahead of the Bah Humbug or Grumpy sheep as we like to call them anyway here's a quick one of Dudley .....I do think he's adorable x

Well last but by no means least bet you've guessed it POPPIES xxx
It has to be THE nicest set of stamps I have used bar none .....You get that I really Love them right! 
So there are all my top five I hope a few of them are in your top five too xxxx 
Hobby Art do make the most lovely stamps and I am so proud to be part of such a great and friendly team xxxx Here's to a even more successful year for us all next year . xxxx

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Ello ello ello that an heffalump I see?

Hi Followers. Old and new, Welcome to all you lovely peeps x...well if you like Elephants and Owls you are in for a treat because we have a set from Jenny Mayes and Hobby Art of each. the first is from the ornate Owls

Really Lovely set ...I had to have a bit of fun with this ....

We had a lovely texture set as well this month to play with I went kind of grungy .....

Next we had owls ......A rather Batty Owl from me put me in mind of a dear friend I wont mention any names....but you know who you are xxxx

Next a rather more sensible owl!
If you notice the texture wood stamp is the bark of the tree on both owl cards .

There is one more card to post and thats the poppy card love set that was the June monthly special.

Well I do hope you like my samples this month what can I say I think Hobby Art just gets better and better ......Very glad to be a part of it xxxx

                                                                              Crafty Hugs
                                                                                 Bernie xxx

Friday, 9 October 2015

Hobby Art Poppies

Had to blog these .....If you like poppies this IS the set for you its Hobby Arts.
And yes the monthly special is £8.99 ....that's two cups of coffee and a mince pie in debenhams .....Just look what you can do and it's not fattening! Hope you like it as much as I do xxx

                                                                  Craft Hugs

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Hobby Art DT samples Sept

Hello again from Sunny Plymouth....seem so difficult to believe that in 3 month Christmas will be here .....Not that I'm complaining mind you to see the sun and have the glorious indian summer we have had is very welcome ....long may it continue.

OK!OK!  Stop waffling woman and get on with the samples!

 This is a brand new set called a Coastal Walks as you know I live by the coast so anything seasidey! calls to me!

Country walk is the second set there are three complete scenes in this set I have just joined up two together and added a squiggle for the end hill to tie it all in could easy make this a spring or summer country walk by changing the colours xxx but as quick Christmas cards go this one took 15 mins from start to finish.....

Above is the third part of the Country walks stamps set .....
A Vintage card . Now you may or may not know I dont like doing Vintage ......but this was the result of a really stressful day and the end result I was pleased with. So it stayed! Again its a stamp and colour set  you dont have to do to much to it ....I had no ribbon to match this ,,,the red I have is too bright and too red if you know what I mean so I cut a thin piece of the card I was useing to matt and layer and used that .......I think it works x 

Father Christmas .....He is one of a two part set  that was the August Monthly Special  Father Christmas set .  When you stamp him he is sitting but ......I thought I wonder if the top half could poke out of a this was the end product. I Hope you like it . 

Rufus the reindeer  with all the different bits I just thought this was a quick way to showcase a lot of the stamps that come with this set I was going to hang them off his antler which is what the antlers where drawn for ....but I wanted something a little off beat a little out of the box  so a circle card with Circles ...nothing boxlike about that ! 

The Country Walks set again with a Peace on Earth greeting also by Hobby Art.  This cardstock should have been backed onto something ...but I did like how it turned out ...note for next time cut it out twice and matt and layer . 

The Last card you may have seen before 

Well thats all for now folks I have loads to blog so when Rory is at I grow next week all being well I will attempt to catch up ....Love him loads but he does take a lot of my time  ...Hope you like what I have done.
Crafty Hugs Bernie  xxxxx 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Hobby Art DT samples August

Wow a month gone already?  I don't know where time goes to. Well this month's stamps where Christmas again as you might expect but oh my how different are these the fist set I should like to show you is The Nativity Character set Loved this school plays at Christmas with all the kids having a part ...remember the bit in Love Actually when Emma Thompsons Character is making the Octopuss suit? Love that film it's one of my favourites .  Anyway I waffle here are the makes from that adorable stamp set.

The next set is Baubles what can I say so intricate and bejeweled I hope you like what I have done here this set has so many lovely designs ( All by the lovely Sharon Bennett ) take a look.

I put the Baby Jesus behind the bauble  in the last one and cut a door in with a crafting knife and ruler ....

Now the last set was Becki Mayes Idea ...Oh My I love this I think this is going to be one of the sell out's on the show today ....May I present to you GRUMPY SHEEP LOVE THESE .....What do you think I dare you to look at these and not smile......and after all that is surely what crafting is all about?

See told you it would make you smile xxxx 

Hope you like my samples this month don't forget to watch Create and Craft at 10 am and 6pm Wednesday 26th Aug xxxx 
Crafty Hugs 

Monday, 27 July 2015

Hope you LOVE our Christmas stamps ....Hobby Art TV Samples

Dum de dum de dum de dum (In Dulce Jubilo. Mike Oldfields music is belting out in the cave it's  July in the high 70's and I am  feeling Chrissmassy).....So here are my samples ...not to many this month as I have Rory home but the stamps are gorgeous....  GORGEOUS I tell you just take a peek xxx




Hope you love these as much as I enjoyed making them  The Reindeer is adorable he's from             the sets I used can all be seen on the TV today  there is also  ...Which is Winters Snowflakes you can see on three of the cards I have used them they are lovely all sizes and shapes xxx hope you like these And dont forget to watch Jenny on the telly ....Think these will go fast xxx

Monday, 8 June 2015

Poppies Everywhere.

June Monthly Special - Poppy Sketch Set 
                                            June Monthly Special - Poppy Sketch Set

Sorry I really can't get enough of this glorious Poppy Sketch Set which is Junes Monthly special set I could play and probably will play for hours....heres another two card's using this lovely set .

This one is just an easy bit of stamping and masking overstamping the border so as to elongate the card

I chose bright colours just to show the many varied colours Poppies come in . Just used my old faithful Pro-markers to colour and shade I hope you like it .
The cardstock was bought from Hobby Craft and the red card is from The Papermill.

The Second card is cut using Crealie Dies and then butted the card together and stamped off the page.
Again Pro-Markers to colour them the sentiment belongs to a friend of mine ...thanks Chris x 

Hope this set grows on you as much as it has on me 
Crafty hugs 

Friday, 5 June 2015

More Lavinia....

Have a few birthdays this month so thought while I was in the mood I would do another card this is using Autumn Fall and the lager L'amour stamp. hope you like it .

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Girlie card for a friends daughter Lavinia Stamps .

Hi everyone I would just like to share a very quick card with you that I made for a friends daughter who likes fairies, Using StarGazing and Dandelions with the lovely Believe stamp and a few star's from Lavinia StampsI would like to enter this into the Lavinia Stamps Challenge .

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Jofy meets Crealie dies

Saw these dies on a certain Mrs Eileen Godwins , and was hooked,  the possibilities are endless. I decided for this card to keep it simple I also wanted something with a fairly long stalk so I chose the JOFY SET 11 for this I like the words that come with it ....

I cut and arranged the puzzle of bits the way I wanted them .....took two of the matching pieces of card  lined them up together so as they touched and stamped the image then simply coloured with Pens...stamped the word out and put it together using sticky pads .....simples .
Hope you like it xxx
Crafty hugs Bernie

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Sun Sea and Sand.

Hi Di Hi Lovely Peeps Well I hope you all saw Jenny on the telly today ...what did you think of the new set's?  I must say I did like these ...Don't know if you know....but we live in Plymouth. so the coast areas are home.... this was playing with scenes from my own back yard......all that's missing are the dogs and Rory!. The Harbour village set is just so like Devon and Cornwall xx All we need is Ross Poldark and the odd tin mine!

The Summer Holiday set with the seagull's is fun ideal for a summer birthday whatever the age....add a speech bubble to the gulls and you could do your own cheeky postcard !

The Shell set has a timelessness about it you can do a lot with this from decoupage....(Which I steer clear of as I hate cutting out and I'm not very good at it) to a simple sentiment and a few can be as easy or as complex as you like.  I liked the seahorses in this using distress inks to blend and build up the underwater scenes.I hope you liked these as much as I did this month .....

On a Nautical theme the new May Special the Habour set is a fab set to add to your collection,  The one above is called Seagulls I am a fan of the Cornish artists....and if you care to look online check out Brian Pollard....his style was the inspiration for this particular card....the new Monthly specials are a good buy at 8.99 for ONE month only . They then return to their normal price as the next special airs....

I hope you like my samples this month  I look forward to crafting with you all soon.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Create and Craft Birthday ....Jenny's on the telly again !

Hello Lovely Crafters ...oh what a rush this month with so many things happening here at home on a personal level and Easter with Rory glory home form college in the day my feet haven't touched the ground....I did manage at short notice to make five cards for hobby art which go live today ....I hope you like them the fist couple are a cute set with Donkeys now normally I do like donkeys however my Mother in law lives in France and has a HUGE Bodi de Poitou donkey they are very rare and I couldn't help thinking of Him ....His name is Marcillan as I was making these card's

                                                                 Dudley the Donkey

 This is a photo  of the type of Donkey my In Laws have over in France .....But I digress....

We had Birds & Grasses too ....I did enjoy this set very realistically drawn I haven't really had the time to play with this much, but even for just the grasses its a great set ....the Birds which are beautiful are an added bonus .

The last set is the Bird Set ...not you average Hobby Art stamp but very funky and fun I can see this being used with LOTS of very different Backgrounds would be fun with Alcohol inks and shaving foam or the other take on that with old pot's of nail polish....fab backgrounds....even Gelli plates and inks so much I think this could be used for Just a little Note cards ...Get well ...Thinking of you... Just because I think it's so is my offering using Brushos.

I hope you like them all I had great fun this month making them all and if you would like any of the stamps they are all from hobby art.....

Two more bits that are Hobby Art But Not on the TV are these .....The Lavender Set is our Monthly special I have had a quick play ....April Monthly Special - Lavender.

And a tag , because I couldn't wait to play .....:)

I hope you like the stamps this month as much as I did off to walk the dogs before Jenny comes on the telly ....I dont want to miss that xxx

Crafty Hugs Bernie