Thursday, 8 June 2017

Hi Everyone ..

As I sit and write we are in June I am cold and it's raining!  So much for our English summer.  I have been out with two very good friends today for a mooch around the antique shops in the Barbican... which is the old quarter of Plymouth there are some lovely buildings there, one friend is excited as she thinks she may have found a piece of moorcroft for a steal .... I hope she has it would make her day.

So with the Barbican in mind, these two lovely grey rubber stamps that I have used on the first card are very apt  I have used nice bright colours in the style of Brian Pollard whose bright cheerful paintings and prints I love .... I hope you like this card as much as I enjoyed making it.

The next cards  Are using the most lovely set by Janie Burnet-Bleach called Janies Collection Floral-Mix.It's a nice floral set with a good mix of flower heads and leaves in the set

 As you can see there is a lovely poppy head which as you all are aware is my favourite flower.  It doesn't have to be red for remembrance. Poppies come in a wide variety of colours  

The last card is from an older set but still comes out to play for summer birthdays.

Those are my TV samples for this month ..... Only Four Bern ? Yes sorry folks but home has been busy we have been away and had to deal with all sorts this month... but hey we come out the other end with humour and a little wiser!  

One more then this is NOT a TV sample but our Monthly Special which is

Puffins are such cheeky birds who I think are a little like bees , in that they shouldn't be able to fly .... but they do. 
Now the child in me is off to find a puddle or two..... it maybe raining but I still love to dance in the rain xx 

Crafty Hugs xxx