Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Hobby Art. Ohh La la!

Bonjour Mon Amiee's

Well Hobby art has gone very French this month .....Love these I have played for hours with the perfume bottles and Have my Auntie Jan's Birthday coming up on June 30th so I am thinking of making her card with these lovely stamps ...the perfume bottles are grey rubber but deeply etched and are very good quality the proof is in the glitter and the guilding flakes cards were the stamps cut to thin they would be a mess with glue all over the place same with the embossing powder ....The Paris themed clear set is great the elements included I will use again and again there are 12 stamps in the set.  Eiffle Tower, music that and there is a very useful bird as well as a hot air balloon and postcard bits the list goes on and these are not little stamps the Balloon I have used without anything as a main focal point on a card just to show how big it is, and if you wish you don't have to add to it it makes a good stand alone topper.

My Butterfly card is made from three different sets. Don't think when you get a set home you cant interchange them ....these sets work so well with others and indeed I have mixed and matched along the way. I love to play and see what goes with what. If you see what I mean.

Well I hope you like this months offering I am off to put the kettle on and have a cuppa this crafting lark is thirsty work xxxx  Hugs Bernie

Monday, 16 June 2014

Ryn meets shaving foam and whack techniques with a little water colour painting....

Hi all... Hope you are all enjoying the lovely warm summer. this month June we are attempting the shaving foam technique...along with what we learn last month the whack technique. so to begin take a plate or tray and the cheapest shaving foam you can find...shake and the spray the foam onto the plate and sprinkle Alcohol inks colours of your choice....all over the foam and swirl the colours one plate of foam will make 10 on background cards on avaerage. You can use the foam again and again adding more of one colour or another if you choose and you will get a completely different result each time so you take the card here I have used the back (Matt side) of Centura Pearl cut down to just under 7x7 then laying on top of the inked shaving foam I tapped the back of the card and then dragged it off the plate checking underneath was covered by shaving foam....normally it will be but if not dont panic go again.till you are happy the card is coated ....lay on a craft mat and taking kitchen towel wipe away the bulk of the shaving foam. then pat off any residue leaving a marbled effect put aside to dry ....while you wait pull a few more print each one will be different, and if you swirl the inked foam you can get some very cool effects.

Ok Prints done cup of tea made now back to the first print.
There was Yellow green and a lovely streak of blue which when I looked at the print from this way and that put me in mind of an ocean so the kelp inked in Crushed Olive  and then taking a few of the distress markers I whacked the brush end over the top to give the kelp slightly different colours. then stamped randomly.
Kelp in place I stamped the Spiral Shell three times in Pumice Stone. Then taking the Pumice Stone inkpad and a water brush I gently dragged the colour through the shell's more to tint it then to colour....lastly I inked the Patio Stone with the Pumice Stone inkpad and using second generation ink I stamped randomly  ....I was pleased with this as I had no set idea as to where this was going so different to knowing what I want to do and going for it the whole thing was just ...let's try this an see what happen's it might work. .....and do you know what?
I think it did xxx hope you like it too xxx

All three Stamps used can be found!/~/category/id=2559654&offset=0&sort=normal

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Chocolate Baroque Guest D.T Spot.

You cannot believe how thrilled I was to be asked to do this ......this was such a hard decision to make not to say yes that was easy but which stamp to use, indeed what combination of stamps to use. In the end after much trial and error, I used and old favourite,  Glenda may hate me for saying this but I am a believer in if you feel happy with it then use it. I really love this stamp I have had Butterfly Dreams UA4SP0353 for a few years I think depending on the colour-way you can use it for male and female alike in fact this has just gone to my Brother in Law for his Birthday tomorrow. He has just bought a new house and is renovating the house and garden.

I inked the stamp with Black Versafine and taking a 7x7 piece of Centura Pearl card and stamping on the matt side. I then masked the sides using low tack tape and made a mask for the butterfly and coloured the background using distress inkpads. The colours I used were Barn door, Squeezed Lemonade, and Mowed Lawn. Then using Berry pro-maker carefully colour the seed heads and put a circle around the outline of the flowers.The larger Butterfly was a mixture of Cyan and Agean blue the small butterfly was Orange. I then removed the masking tape and stamped the ART with everything from Artistic Affirmations , and Imagine from Artistic Expressions. Along the side and bottom of the card to finish a little ribbon. I hope you like it.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Grace's Letter WWII scrapbook page's...

These two pages were inspired by Hobby Art the stamps used are a mix of the Commemorative set and Remembrance set. the idea came from a letter home so Graces letter from her husband serving in France, has been taken from an actual letter and copied and altered a little. The Poem used is a great favourite of mine DULCE ET DECORUM EST .....By Wilfred Owen. The last few lines go.

My friend you would not tell with such high zest.
To children ardent for some desperate glory
The old lie Ducle et decorum est
Pro patria mori.

Which mean's it is a brave and wonderful thing to die for your country.

The 3 chaps paddling were indeed two brothers and a brother in law that met near the Loir and went for a paddle to wash the endless mud off....None returned. The debt we owe and the gratitude I personally feel, to not just these but other fallen hero's is beyond measure. Indeed on this D day anniversary.