Thursday, 17 October 2013

Sweet Lilac Golden Wedding

So the theme for Sweet lilac flowers this month was Love now sorry I am not very mushy!  But the paper with the gold swirls a few red roses and a red ribbon was just the job for a golden wedding card I had to do with a lovely Clarity sentiment which reads Love You Yesterday.  Love You Still. Always Have Always Will. Hope you like it

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Clarity Joy Card

This is the Technique that Barbara Gray used on TV with the Clarity Noel and snowflake stencil ....This is my take on it using talcum powder not perfect pearls for the white snowflakes ....Hope you like it
You will need Gilding flakes Gold and Pirate Treasure. Double sided adhesive sheet JOY from the noel set snowflakes cut into two bits Leaving the wax paper on one side put the snowflake stencils on two corners, and joy stencil in the middle.that done cover the remaining sheet with Gold flakes rub over gently until all the stickiness has gone the sheet except for the snow flakes and joy should now be covered in gold flakes using a sponge finger brush off the remaining flake's. Next peel off the JOY stencil with the pirate treasure and a pair of tweezers pick out red flakes and place over where the joy stencil was when completely covered brush of excess flakes as before. Now gently peel off the snowflake stencils and  brush with talcum powder into the adhesive the talc will be the white snowflakes take a sponge and polish off any stray bits of flakes or specks of talc I have mounted on a black background as I think it makes the image pop. Hope you like it. xx

Friday, 11 October 2013


Hi There. Hope you are all enjoying the Clarity Blockbuster weekend on Create and Craft. I know I am and my basket becomes ever heavier with all the stamps and DVDs stencils and so on that I know I NEED!

You may know Barbara asked me to work on the Claritystamp stand at Westpoint in Exeter when the hobbycraft and stitches show was on two weeks ago. While I was there I was asked if I could make a step by step card that was easy to follow using the stencil and the butterfly and petal stamps. Well I went away and had a play and being concious that Barb is against the clock when demoing on TV it had to be quick and eye catching. This is what I came up with.

You will need:

Thuva card
Copy paper
Low tack masking tape
Adirondacks Red Pepper, Butterscotch, and Espresso.
Swirl Stencil
Red Pro-marker I used Berry Barabara used Red Lipstick both work well with the Red Pepper adirondack.
Butterfly and Petal stamps
Clarity Soft Stencil Brushes.

Mask Thuva card off halfway and place stencil where you would like it to be and tape it in place with low tack masking tape then cover border around the card. I usually start with the lightest colour first which in this case is Butterscotch....gently load the stencil brush and tap off any excess off on a scrap sheet of copy paper.then brush across the stencil to build up the colour keep going till you are happy with the depth of colour then remove the tape covering the stencil  clean off and flip over, so you now have the stencil's mirror image on the other side of the card. Tape the stencil in place and repeat the process building up the colour with the brushes but this time using Red pepper, This is a lovely warm colour and you may think the butterfly in red won't show but it does.

Take away the stencil and the masking tape you should have a sharp clear Yellow on one side and Red on the other with the white where the stencil has been ...Using Espresso ink the butterfly and place centre so one half is on the red and the other half in the yellow then inking the petal *Flower Stamp* from the Petal set stamp the first petal centre so again half in the yellow half in the red,

Then just colour the Butterfly in red and the petals within the petal stamp there we have it my TV Project for Barbara Gray and Clarity stamps Thank you for taking a look I hope you are enjoying the shows as much as I am . xxxx Have A Crafty Weekend  xxxx

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Just a few more Christmas cards to go with some I have already done....I have 4 batches of 25  (100) to do and not a lot of time to do them is this looks hard but is pretty straightforward really. I used theuva card for this. Make a mask for the Border's and one for the moon stick in place. Then using Ink Brushes I have a set of Clarity's brushes lovely to use as they are nice and soft. I always start with the lightest colour first so with Butterscotch  Adirondack take a little ink on the brush and start with a ripped sheet of copy paper put your sand dunes in layering and gradually becoming fainter the further up the card you go this will create the illusion of distance. Now for the sky I used Stonewashed Adirondack very lightly where the sand ends and gradually become darker as I go up the page I finish with a little Eggplant at the top of the card  ....the inking done I take Archival black and ink up the three wise men stamp placing them on the sand dunes I notice one of them pointing so.....pointing the star in was quiet easy but instead of inking it I used glue and gilding flakes Then used the Oh star of wonder stamp around it....viola job done I hope you like these xx

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hi Everyone the Clarity Challenge this month is WINTER so the Winter Deer scene stamp seemed perfect for this as we were using out HOLLY &IVY Stamp in the workshop last month I thought I would give it another outing so it looks as you are peeping at the deer from the other side of the holly bush.everything has been embossed with silver with and coloured using promarker's lovely quick easy card ....the WINTER was stamped using the Clarity Letterbox set and the snow flake is the one that comes with the Deer set