Monday, 30 April 2012

Life Is Just a Box Of Chocolate's

Well the challenge was Chocolate on Emma's Hint's Tip's And Crafty Inspiration this week and this is my take on it....
Humph! not much chocolate there I hear you say. But you see you would be wrong because it's a little Chocolate box coloured in my faithful pro-markers .

Clarity Stamp set Old mill and barrow.
One heart shaped box.
One piece of sky blue bazzil card.
About 18 inches white ribbon and the same of the blue tartan ribbon underneath.
Pastel Blue.
Leaf Green.
Meadow Green
Grey 3

Looks hard but an easy make the hardest part was waiting for the glue to dry!
So trace around the heart box bottom in pencil and cut around this adding about 1/2 inch all round.
Take a pair of sharp scissors and cut a fringe up to where the pencil line is on the paper and when completed gently fold the edges in so they make the perfect heart now sit the base of the heart inside the blue folded piece of bazzil and make sure the edges are tight and cover the bottom all the way round. Glue the base of the box to the bazzil card and the glue the side of the box and bring the fringe upwards so the sides are covered too.
Next I cut a strip 1 inch wide to put around the bottom to cover the fringe! Shock horror! the circumference of the heart was longer then 12 inches so I had to cut another 4 inch piece of card and trim and match it in! That done I cut the Blue tartan ribbon and placed that around the bottom of the box, it hide's the paper patching quiet well!cut a heart out for the inside in chocolate drop paper and wiggle it to fit.......
 it does.... just, if you don't look to hard!
Next the top. Cut the heart the same as you did the bottom remembering to cut a little larger than the top so  as to make the fringe.  Glue to the top lid and fold and glue fringe to the side. wait to dry and trim around the top so no untidy bits of card are peeking out of the lip of the lid. Now, I didn't  want to paper piece the top for two reasons.  One as it's the top the paper piecing would be seen all to clearly. And two I don't think I could have cut it straight enough and keep it thin too.  So I left out the strip of card on the top but needed something to hide the fringe again a piece of ribbon seemed to be the answer. so I had an almost completed box. I just needed a topper for it. And taking Forrest Gump as my inspiration! I choose the nearest thing I had to a chocolate box cottage! Yes it's a Clarity stamp again I know...... I have got others but I seem to be on a roll with these as I think they are so easy to use.  I cut a heart out on the cricut using the wild card cartridge as it seemed to have the shape of heart I needed. added the cottage and the poppies to the front and coloured in Added choc's and there you are. Done!

I would like to enter this in:  Emma's Hint's Tips and Crafty Inspiration

Same as before but with A4 Aqua Hunkydroy card and and piece of white ribbon. This was coloured in with Aqua markers except for the yellow which was a Lemon Pro-marker.....hope you like it. x

Monday, 23 April 2012

Something painted.....B for Bernie or Boo!

Well I've had this in the craftcave for I don't know how thought I had better do something with it and as the challenge this week is something painted.  So here it is. It took three coats of gold paint and the green was some water colour pots think they at one time may have been H2Os however the lids have long since broken and having found them thought I would try and see what happened.
Well the swirl was a mixture of two or three  acrylic set's that were similar in size and design I tried putting the paint on a tray and pressing down to see it the paint would lift....but it did not go on evenly so wiping off with a baby wipe try again.......this time I painted it on with a brush.....nope that didn't work either.  What to do by this time the paint was a nice pool of mess in the corner of the tray so do I waste it and rethink I find an old Opalescent inkpad that had been thrown away and put the ink on that and see what happens Ah ha! ok it's cheating ....a bit but hey it sort of worked there are a few smudges where the ink was too gloopy and maybe it's ran in a couple of places but hey overall I'm quiet happy with it. I didn't use use a block but rather picked up the stamp at the corner wrapped it around and held it in place and prayed then very carefully unwrapped it. what do you think?
 I forgot to mention that I would like to enter this in the Crafty Blogger's Network Challenge this week the theme is painted and is sponsored by Do Crafts. Good luck to all entering

Friday, 20 April 2012

Dream a little dream....

You will need.
Black Clarity Cardstock
Versamark inkpad
Clarity Stamps
Dream a little dream .....Verse
Forest Ridge
Carriage Set
Perfect Pearls

First time I had tried this. This was my second attempt The first time I stamped all the images on the card and the powder went everywhere so..... Learning by my mistakes! I stamped the Moon The Verse and the coach first, and added the Pearl Powder. Brushed it round the images and then lightly brushed it off.  Then the horse Which I did with a mixture of Pearl and copper.....the copper was to dark, and the bits of Pearl make it seem as though the moonlight is catching him. Then the trees came next. I stamped these three time's across the page at varying hight's so as to make it seem as though there is an incline, and added Green and White Pearl again, brush off and gently rub over with a kitchen paper towel. I will say however, don't forget to use second generation ink on this project otherwise it smear's when you go to rub and doesn't look as clear, the word's looked smudged. So that done with some simple matting and layering another card finished hope you like it.

Red White and Blue

This was lovely to do....

You will need
2 pieces of A4 cardstock on Red one Blue
Card For stamping on again I have used Neemha.
Clarity Stamp Blooming corners
Clarity Stamp Verse to see the world.......(.I Love this stamp)
Denim Inkpad By Adirondack
Berry Red
And a selection of blues I used
Pastel Blue
Powder Blue
Blue Pearl.

Again I stamped the frame and added the verse and ladybirds and coloured in.  Made into an easel frame. I trimmed by hand about an inch off either side of the stand up part of the card to make it square ......I was just playing and thought it looked more interesting but you could offset it or mount is as you would like it. I Put glossy accents on the ladybirds and there job done! ......this was a joy to make and I will be making more I love the colour combo.  And with the Jubilee coming up it is a little patriotic without going overboard.

Thank you all kindly for your patience.....I keep trying to update but life has got in the way a little this week. My DH has gone back to work this week after a month off. He works away from home for long periods. and there is always an adjustment period if you like when he disappears back to work. I have my Eldest Son James finishing off his dissertation and Rory "Just Being Rory" but missing his Dad immensely. So whilst I have been crafting, the blog has been put on the back burner a bit.

What you will need is;
Copy paper
Stamping Card I know Clarity have THEUVA CARD but I bought loads of Neemha card when I was at the NEC so I am using that for now.
Clarity Stamps Blooming Corner stamp set.
Speedball Brayer
Espresso inkpad by Adirondack
Butterscotch inkpad by Adirondack.
sharp scissors
Make-up sponge's (2)
Glue or double sided tape.
8x8 Square card
Pro markers;
Carnation Pink
Pastel Yellow
Pastel Blue
Powder Blue
Leaf Green
Pastel Pink
Pastel Green
Blender Pen

I am not going to try and explain how I did this But send you direct to Barbara Grey's Classroom lesson 6. This can be found either on the Create and Craft website or on The Clarity Stamps website. Barbara explains how to do this FAR BETTER than I ever could and those who have seen the pic's and laughed on Facebook will understand why I say this.
The only thing I have done differently is added a little blue to the Bee's wings so as they look a little more lifelike (well I think they do).

Monday, 2 April 2012

France......The Top Photo with the little lamb was a friends smallholding the lamb was less then two hours old.

The fourth Photo is a chandelier at a vineyard!
We went to a troglodyte village restaurant at Les Caves de Marson I would thoroughly recommend it. The Cha-tau  was opposite the cave. Just thought I would share. xx

Hi All......
Well we had a Fab Time in France! Weather was great 25 degrees on most days ....quiet funny as Rory and I were hot and in T/Shirts Poor Hubby Because he works in a hot country most of the year that has 35-40 degrees most days he was shivering and has come back with a bit of a sniffle!
Here is a card that is making it's way over to France as I type this.....managed to see a small bit of Barbara Greys show before we went out on Saturday, And decided I would make a very quick take on what she did......I didn't attempt the Skep that will be for another day. As I have a feeling it will take a bit of practice and I really didn't have the time to do it over what was a very busy weekend. But I must admit I do like the colours and the muted tones .......
So you will need;
Espresso inkpad
Carnation Pink
Pastel Pink
Leaf Green
Powder Blue
Pastel Blue
Pastel Yellow
Blender Pen
Clarity Blooming corner stamp kit lesson 6.

I used Crafters Companion Neemah card to stamp on (Sorry Barbara) I have used this for ages and have got loads still left I find it works great with the promakers.......
So Inking the stamp well, I then Stamped off the first generation ink and then Stamped the first corner. Repeated the process with each corner so I had a Square...ish frame.I then Stamped the verse out before I coloured anything in and also stamped the inner part of the card again just the two corners this time and put the two insects in the middle......Given the choice NEXT time I will omit the ladybird the bright red does not go with the card but as that was the very last thing to be coloured in!!!! Well sorry By that stage It was done I was not about to start again. Lesson learned next time use the two bee's same as the front! Hope you like it.