Wednesday, 30 November 2011

       Hi everyone. Hope everyone is having a good day....What have I been up to? Well all-sort's! Went to the NEC and came back with colds We have been decorating for the past three weeks. The front room and hall stairs and landing were in a dreadful state. still it will be worth it. Because of the decorating crafting has had to be put on a back burner something I'm not happy with so close to Christmas as I still have masses to do.  This however I have managed to complete at last.  It came as a pale white wood Tree Shape by Artimo.  I gave it three coats of Walnut Ronseal wood varnish.  When  I then discovered the doors no longer fitted the holes and spent the next three days sanding them down to fit!  The squares are just 2 inch squares set to cut on my Cricut using  Good Ol'e GEORGE cartridge which is set on my Gypsy if anyone wants to know......this machine really comes into it's own for this type of thing just set it to cut walk away put a load of washing on and by the time I come back it's done.t and  The door knobs are a RANGER product and are three different colours! but I did'nt notice this till I opened them at home!!!  They are also a bit to short.( This is what I was gluing when I stuck my three fingers together)......There is more that a bit of skin attached to this advent tree! There are numbers on the advent tree but they are not to clear the shapes are a mix of bits I have made and stickers that I wanted to use but not on a card ....most of the Flowers and trees are from the Cricut carts the Wreath and Rudolph are both  Kwik Kut's die's.
Have fun and a wonderful day.  x


  1. This is gorgeous good job my grand children cannot see it or they will want one :O). Hope your decorating is nearly done. Chris xx

  2. Great project well done Bernie!
    dawn xx

  3. Wow Bernie, I think this must have been a labour of love - but it's brilliant!


  4. Bernie it is lovely, hope your cold is better, and that the decorating is nearly done xxx

  5. Thank you so much ladies for your lovely comments....Cold has gone but still have a cough that just refuse's to go! the decorating has been finished and we are now waiting on carpets so cat put the tree up until the 16th at the earliest. Behind on so much of my crafting As well as everything else it really is'nt funny
    So I am now in panic mode AHHHHHHHHH!. xxxxx