Thursday, 15 March 2012

Well thank you to ISOBEL for the Versitile blogger award. And many thank's to Vee for helping me attach it! so My Nomminees for this award are;

The agreement upon accepting the Versatile blogger award is to nominate 15 blogs that have inspired you .....the above blogs I go back to again and again and are some of my many favourites.........
Also you have to say 7 things about yourself.....
1. I have 2 boys James 20 at Plymouth Uni studying Law. And Rory who will be 17 on Monday 19th March....Rory has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
2. We have 5 Rhodesian Ridgeback's Durban, Purdy, Jilla, Pierrot, and Squirt!
3. My Husband works away a lot .....
4. We live in a very Beautiful part of the country Plymouth in Devon.
5. We used to own 2 Cafe's but as my husband works away so much the hours were to much as well as looking after the family and dogs so I am now a stay at home Mum.;)
6. I will try my hand at most craft but I hate sewing or needle craft as I had my hand run through a sewing machine at school by one of the school bullies.
7. I was nearly expelled from school for letting the rabbits out that we were going to dissect in the science lab. A friend and I took them and let them lose over the park but we were seen and reported. I owned up and said I would do the same again....... There was a little smile on the heads face........I was given detention for a month and it was worth every line.


  1. congrats to everyone xxx

  2. Thanks so much hun, and congratulations, loved reading your 7 things
    Lindsay xx

  3. Thank you Bernie - this is the third nomination I have received for this but I just haven't had time to do anything about it yet! I have to say I am with you on the sewing - although I quite like embroidery, it's just the sewing bit I'm not so keen on - sewing machines and me always fall out!

    Catherine x

  4. Bernie many many congratulations. You are naughty choosing me but it is a wonderful compliment, thank you very much indeed. Vee xx

  5. I enjoyed reading your seven things - I think we need to change the word Bully to Thug Vee xx

  6. Hello, Bernie
    I have posted a thank you and my seven things but nominations will need to wait for a day or two but you know i wil do it as soon as I can. Vee xx

  7. Thank you Bernie, I will accept the award but unfortunately it is getting harder to find more people and time to pass it on. I hope you are happy with this. Sorry. Chris xx

    1. OK Chris Not to worry Just hope you like the award. xx