Sunday, 24 June 2012

Clarity Homework The top set Is a Sport Framer the set comprises of the sport Frame and a mixture of sports men including the Rugby player there is a Cyclist a Javelin thrower, Cricketer, Footballer, Golfer, Tennis player. I went with the Rugby player as we are all mad about Rugby in this house! My Hubbys family  way back invented the rugby ball! and his great Uncle Arthur Gilbert at one time played for England.

You will need;
Clarity Stamp Sport set
Sport ball set
Adirondack Lettuce
Adirondack Cloudy Blue
Adirondack Pitch Black
Black permanent marker pen.
Burnt orange
Blue (Aegean I think!)
Piece of scrap ribbon from stash
Clarity coated card 
Copy paper

I stamped the SPORT using second generation ink at and angle I just thought it gave the illusion of movement as I wanted to put the rugby ball near the top of the the rugby player again using second generation ink putting him inside the frame. then I made the masks one of the O and the last for the ball....should have done these first but never mind better late then never!.....masks done I covered the O and the ball.  And inked the brayer in Lettuce and spun the brayer over a piece of copy paper, and then doing one of Barbara Gray's no famous wheelie's  brayered  the bottom half of the card making the grass then wiped the brayer clean and Inked the brayer again this time with cloudy blue. Repeat the whole process again this time putting the blue where you want the sky to go. Take away layer from the O...... now The SPORT word that I had cut the O mask from Now has just a hole where the O used to be! cover the word SPORT with the hole open and the rugby player showing inside the O and cover any spare card with copy paper and tape the copy paper in place with low tack tape if necessary......Now here I cheated a bit I inked one half of the brayer with Lettuce and the other half with cloudy blue rolled off onto copy paper the first lot of ink and did wheelie's BOTH sides of the brayer then spun the brayer quickly across the open framed O. and it worked.......Last I drew the Rugby post in were I wanted them and just touched the ball with a bit of blue and wrote GILBERT round the edge! Added ribbon . 
The Balls! were an after thought as I needed to fill a inch of card so just stamped them and cut them out stuck on a bit of blue card . When Barbara did the classroom she inked bubble wrap with Versa mark usually I have loads of this stuff lying around but this week there was none to be found so I looked through my card and papers and found the green card with circles which I thought looked like heads! so I used that hope you like it.

Art Deco Diver......
Wow she was a Joy to do! 

You will need.
Diver set from Clarity stamps
Adirondack Pitch Black
Adirondack Stonewashed
Adirondack Butterscotch
Big and Juicy Foliage Inkpad
Low tack masking tape
Copy paper 
Red and Ivory promarker 
Clarity Card.
3 inch circle with a bit cut off at the end to make the sun mask.

Well she was a challenge I knew what I wanted to do but had to experiment a bit to achieve the results I wanted.  First Cover the edges of the clarity card with masking tape to give a border, stamp the diver in the middle of the card using second generation ink.
Make diver mask out of a post it note and cover diver. 
Next put the sun mask over the top of the diver play with this I put the sun right behind her but you can try and see were you would like the sun ...and the ray's to go. Attach the rays to the sun I used Low tack tape and used two bits for each sunbeam starting at the top then putting  in the sides this takes time and more than a little patience.!!! and they have to look the same from both sides.  That done it's pretty much plain sailing from here on in. cover the bottom half of the card with a sheet of copy paper and I attached the copy paper to the card with low tack masking tape I don't want an orange or yellow sea! Ink the brayer with the edge of the Foliage  inkpad the lightest orange bit. Roll off the first generation ink and spin the Brayer over the exposed bit of card....I did this three times to get the depth of colour I wanted DO NOT BE TEMPTED to Ink the brayer without taking the first generation ink off first.  IT DOES NOT WORK all you will achieve is a mess the brayer has to be all but dry the wet ink will not "take" and will remain WET. 
now at this point I went and made a cuppa......just to give the ink that was on there a couple of min's to dry I'm a great one for messing up artwork! due to impatience. coming back to the picture carefully remove the masking tape covering the sunbeams and Put clean tape on the now dry Orange ray's ........take away the sun, but leave the diver mask and the copy paper on the bottom half of the card. now clean your brayer and make sure it's dry you are now going to ink up in Adirondack Butterscotch this is going to be your sun and the other sunbeam's, again using second generation ink and not forgetting to do Barbara Gray's famous wheelie! spin the brayer across the card I think I did this three times too now carefully peel away the tape should have a perfect SUN . If not and I didn't use a make-up  sponge sipped in either the butterscotch or the orange foliage to hide and white bits..... this done go away and drink tea you made earlier! come back and cover Sun Leave the mask still on the diver.take away the bottom half of paper that was covering what is going to be the water.
Take a sheet of copy paper and screw it up tight you need lots of creases........lay the paper flat and ink up your brayer now clean and dry in Adirondack Stonewashed. Spin the brayer now inked across the paper you will now see that the brayer has the creases from the paper transferred onto it...these are going to be our ripples. Spin the brayer across the card now doesn't that look cool. repeat if you need to using second generation ink all the time and using the creased copy paper for your ripples. go away and put kettle on again have second cuppa and come back after a few mins and colour diver in Ivory for her skin and red for her cossi and hat!


  1. Oh these are fabulous hun, Such beautiful designs and a brilliant description of how you did it, I really must find time to have a go with my brayer, really beautiful
    Lindsay xx

  2. They are both stunning Bern, my friend, you are doing some great work hunni, Love them xxxx Huggles, Vick
    YTChannel Vixcrafts

  3. Beautifully done love them both, I watched BG demo these Samos and yours are just as good xxx

  4. Both fabulous cards. You put so much into them but the effort was worth it. I love the Clarice Cliff one. Your detailed instructions are wonderful, even down to when to make and drink a cuppa, brilliant x

    1. LOL Andree well making a cuppa gives the ink a chance to dry and set so hopefully it wont smudge the Clarity card is coated card so the ink sit on the top you need to give it time to sett before going any further the kettle boiling and tea making is enough time to let this happen.

    2. I don't need any excuse to make tea, I've always got a pot on the go x

  5. Beautiful Cards! I love the football themed sports card, we don't see that many sports themed stamps here relating to Rugby. Your second cards has a wonderful vintage feel and I love the colors.

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments. xxx

  7. WOWSERS Bernie these are awesome. I am blown away by such stunning creations.

    Big Hugs
    Linda xxx

  8. Love them both Bernie, you are so clever. Now you have put your name on the back for Barbara, haven't you!! Will be watching on Saturday. Hugs. X

  9. They are both lovely cards and the instructions are really good. I hope they are shown on Saturday now Barbara has had her hours cut!!!
    They really are great cards! xx

  10. your cards are fantastic, Bernie. Really lovely work. Ve xx