Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Good Morning well it's cold but at least it's drythe sun is struggling to break through the clouds and we may have a sunny if cold day for all those who have been flooded I hope this give's you a chance to start cleaning....BIG HUG'S.

I have blogged two cards today the top card is a lovely House Mouse stamp made into a Birthday card....Do like these little mice as a good friend of mine would say they are such fun ....

The second card is back to CLARITYSTAMPS again the club members will know the pear stamp was Sept issue I think....well I had played with it and liked the stamp but didn't know what I wanted to do with town the other day I saw some pine wreath's and thought I wonder if you (ME) could do that with the pear stamp I had the Partridge from last year :)
2 hours later at home I started by playing with the partridge it was obvious he was going to have to be stamped first then I need a circle tins were no good they were just that little bit to small then I found a wide mug .....fitted perfectly all the way round the partridge and left room to put the pears round. So circle lightly drawn.  Stamp partridge in the centre. I then made four masks one for the bird and three of the pear stamp. Starting at the top cover with mask do not stamp first! this will be your last stamping place .....It will tuck in any odds and ends. Next cover Partridge, your first pear stamp should start at two o clock as you look at your circle with the bulk of the pear branch top being stamped onto the mask, cover this and do the next segment again making sure the branch is stamped on the mask...continue till you have compleated the circle and arrive back at the top. Remove the mask at the top and place in last pear stamp it should fit in neatly now if you look closely at my card and the pear stamp you will notice the pears have a brown bit on the bottom.....When you stamp you are taking the last outer pear bottom and placing it on the drawn circle that is how to keep the wreath round...cut out and colour I used neemah card cause I still have loads but any card recomended for promarkers will do ....Oh and adirondack Pitch Black to stamp out the images a mixture of greens for the wreath .....I used Lime zest ....Apple cider....pear green and for the partridge Pastle Blue, Denim Blue Oatmeal and Burnt Orange.  I sent a veriation of this in to Barbara Gray for home work and used the 1st from her numbers set...... as in the 1st day of Christmas.....hope you like it. xx


  1. Beautiful cards, Bernie just lovely work. Vee xx

  2. Fabulous Bernie, love them both xxxx

  3. Gorgeous cards,lovely images and

  4. Beautiful cards and great skill with the stamping. Gorgeously coloured.

    Claire x

  5. Gorgeous cards! I love the beautiful colours and the great images.

    Linda xxx

  6. Gosh, that's a lot of working out and fiddling for the pear stamp, but what a terrific result! It's a beautiful and professional looking card.
    The house mouse card is gorgeous and wonderfully coloured x

  7. Just love that partridge and pears card

  8. Hi Bernie, House Mouse , oh yes they are 'such fun' and always make me your Clarity card , it is Stunning. Looking forward to Clarity this weekend. Stay safe and warm. Hugs. X

  9. These are both so stunning, as you know I am a big fan of anything house mouse and I just love the way that you framed the partridge with the pears it's so beautiful
    Lindsay xx