Friday, 11 October 2013


Hi There. Hope you are all enjoying the Clarity Blockbuster weekend on Create and Craft. I know I am and my basket becomes ever heavier with all the stamps and DVDs stencils and so on that I know I NEED!

You may know Barbara asked me to work on the Claritystamp stand at Westpoint in Exeter when the hobbycraft and stitches show was on two weeks ago. While I was there I was asked if I could make a step by step card that was easy to follow using the stencil and the butterfly and petal stamps. Well I went away and had a play and being concious that Barb is against the clock when demoing on TV it had to be quick and eye catching. This is what I came up with.

You will need:

Thuva card
Copy paper
Low tack masking tape
Adirondacks Red Pepper, Butterscotch, and Espresso.
Swirl Stencil
Red Pro-marker I used Berry Barabara used Red Lipstick both work well with the Red Pepper adirondack.
Butterfly and Petal stamps
Clarity Soft Stencil Brushes.

Mask Thuva card off halfway and place stencil where you would like it to be and tape it in place with low tack masking tape then cover border around the card. I usually start with the lightest colour first which in this case is Butterscotch....gently load the stencil brush and tap off any excess off on a scrap sheet of copy paper.then brush across the stencil to build up the colour keep going till you are happy with the depth of colour then remove the tape covering the stencil  clean off and flip over, so you now have the stencil's mirror image on the other side of the card. Tape the stencil in place and repeat the process building up the colour with the brushes but this time using Red pepper, This is a lovely warm colour and you may think the butterfly in red won't show but it does.

Take away the stencil and the masking tape you should have a sharp clear Yellow on one side and Red on the other with the white where the stencil has been ...Using Espresso ink the butterfly and place centre so one half is on the red and the other half in the yellow then inking the petal *Flower Stamp* from the Petal set stamp the first petal centre so again half in the yellow half in the red,

Then just colour the Butterfly in red and the petals within the petal stamp there we have it my TV Project for Barbara Gray and Clarity stamps Thank you for taking a look I hope you are enjoying the shows as much as I am . xxxx Have A Crafty Weekend  xxxx


  1. Super card Bernie and was perfect for the time allotted in the show. Really enjoyed seeing it and thanks for the clear instructions.

  2. Great card Bernie and it was lovely to see Barbara make it on TV. x

  3. Brilliant card Bernie and so good to see Barbara creating it on t.v. Fabulous shows...have a great weekend...crafty hugs Jo. X

  4. i haven't seen it yet bernie but this is great xx

  5. Wonderful card Bernie and great instructions too....might do a version of this (I will give you the credit). I have a friend who just loves butterflies xxxx

  6. its a lovely easy make Emma feel free to use it .....just remember to wipe the yellow off the stencil before you flip it over else the white bit underneath goes yellow.....go on ask me how I know!!!!!!!! xxxx