Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Scene-it tutorial English Country Garden

Hi everyone I said I would post a tutorial on how I use the scene it stamps so here it is.
Here I am using English Country Garden I have a 7x7 square card and re-positionable  masking tape.
To start take the tape and edge the border of the card on all four sides then using the Tudor thatched cottage stamp it on a post it and cut it out to make a mask making sure the post it mask is sticky so it will stay put on the paper. The stamp the cottage about halfway down and a little off centre

Add the Background stamp to the card the mask will protect the cottage so don't be afraid to stamp over this.
then add the background mask to the other side of the cottage and cut a mask out for the sun and the clouds.

Can't draw but can cut .....don't ask me how that works! .....this is the mask for the clouds I don't use the whole mask just parts of it and turn it and blend the ink where I want the clouds to go.....Hopefully I end up with something like this  below

Next put the grass in .....Now I use brushes to do both the sky and the grass keep the two masks in place while you gently blend the grass  starting off the page and working in to towards the centre so you should end up with something like this...

this is where I start to add bits the geese the bee hives gates and fences  extra flowers put in the gaps so it all fits and looks as though it belongs there...

Gradually build up the flowers and the tree at the back ....keep going till you are happy then colour with promarkers or your preferred colouring medium.

Nearly there now.....Just a few more bits to add.....

Take the masking tape away being careful not to tear the card....draw a "deckle" edge around your artwork and a Hollyhock which my regular bloggers will know I have fond memories of , and there we are all but done.

I have matted in yellow and green which I think are nice spring colours I have added though you can't see it here a little Wink Of Stella on the sun and the windows it looks lovely and adds a lovely finishing touch....
I hope you enjoyed this and found it easy to follow and question feel free to pm me on Facebook and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have ...

NOTE* if you take a closer look I have used different shades of green when you look at the colours in nature you will see many different shade's of green be bold and give this a try ....I can see this set fast becoming a favourite x I hope you do too.


  1. Love this stamp set Bernie and thank you for going through the process so well. Such a lovely traditional country scene - love it x

  2. Brilliant step by step tutorial and great card you sure make these stamps work for you x

  3. Beautiful card and a great tutorial Bernie.

  4. great tutorial. thought i'd gone on the wrong blog for a mo ;) lovely scene xx

  5. Wow Bernie a tutorial on your blog! I'm well impressed ;-) it's fab...xx