Tuesday, 18 February 2014

South West Arty Crafter's Feb Hobby Art Oriental Poppy and Whacking!

Good Morning....After all the storms it's lovely to see the sunshine. And it's such a lovely day here in Plymouth today I have all the windows open and the heating turned off may even get the washing out on the line without it being blown away!!!

The above card ia a lovely easy make although it does require a bit of prep I die cut 4 circles making each 1/4 inch bigger then the previous one then 2 squares the white one is 7 inches the red is 7.1/4 inches yes sorry I am old school and never got to grips with centimetres!

I inked versamark black inkpad and stamped the image this is Hobby Art's Oriental Poppy rather lovely I thought. Then heat embossed it to seal it and give it a gloss surface then once dry I used Tim Holtz Distress stains and just whacked the colour onto the card to make the splats. I have the Lovely Eileen Goodwin to thank for showing me how to do this technique if you get a chance do visit her FB Page She runs the most marvellous workshops and my goal at some point this year will be to attend one .

Once the colour has dried make a cut vertically The first circle is 5 inches so having made the first cut all you do is make the next cut on the left hand side of the flower leaving 2 inches at the top and 3 inches at the bottom .....the right side you make the cut 3 inches from the top and 2 inshes from the bottom you should now have asymmetric cuts ...Using sticky foam pads, take the left top and place it just inside the  red 5.1/4 inch circle place the matching left piece under it just so you can see the red card between them showing through. now do the same with the right side .....once this is done and you are happy just use the rest of the foam pads to layer the other two circles one on top of the other and finally tape to the white card mat and layer on to the red and then finally stick onto an 8x8

Below are a couple more ideas we did at the workshop using this lovely stamp xxx hope you like it have a very lovely day and thank you for stopping by xxxx


  1. Fantastic Bernie.. Lovely cards. You are so kind regarding the mention .
    I'm hoping to go down to Devon next year ... bit closer to you maybe!!
    Eileen xxx

  2. fab cards Bernie, the cut up circle is so effective isn't it - love it x

  3. These are fab Bernie absolutely lovely. I Love8ve That cut up circle keep meaning to have a bash xx

  4. Great cards Bernie, very what you've