Wednesday, 23 April 2014

St George's day Hobby Art Samples World War One Layout.


The layout came to be when I saw the beautiful set of Remembrance Stamps From Hobby Art, and this being 100 year Centenary of the Great War I decided to do a Scrapbook page....easier said then done oh the stamps were fab and the inspiration was there the problem was the photos!
Having asked around my family and drew a blank yes we had Uncles and my Granddad was there  in Flanders Fields...but alas no photos. Back to the drawing board. Then we saw a friend of ours  Ted who kindly offered to let me use copies of his family Photo's Took a week to get them to me Then I hurriedly went into town to have them scanned so I could keep the originals to give back to him ....That done I bought a sheet of gift wrap with postcards on changed the dates on the post marks and away I went.  TED BILL AND VICTOR are names of My Uncles who where born before War war broke out indeed Uncle Vic was Named for Victor Kitchener of  "Your country needs you"  fame . The remembrance set is another easy set to use not just for cards as I hope I have shown here....


  1. Stunning Bernie, and so import for them to be remembered.

  2. gorgeous. looked fab on tv xx

  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments xxx Love the stamps x will be playing with these for a long while yet ....xxxx