Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Hobby Art DT samples August

Wow a month gone already?  I don't know where time goes to. Well this month's stamps where Christmas again as you might expect but oh my how different are these the fist set I should like to show you is The Nativity Character set Loved this school plays at Christmas with all the kids having a part ...remember the bit in Love Actually when Emma Thompsons Character is making the Octopuss suit? Love that film it's one of my favourites .  Anyway I waffle here are the makes from that adorable stamp set.

The next set is Baubles what can I say so intricate and bejeweled I hope you like what I have done here this set has so many lovely designs ( All by the lovely Sharon Bennett ) take a look.

I put the Baby Jesus behind the bauble  in the last one and cut a door in with a crafting knife and ruler ....

Now the last set was Becki Mayes Idea ...Oh My I love this I think this is going to be one of the sell out's on the show today ....May I present to you GRUMPY SHEEP LOVE THESE .....What do you think I dare you to look at these and not smile......and after all that is surely what crafting is all about?

See told you it would make you smile xxxx 

Hope you like my samples this month don't forget to watch Create and Craft at 10 am and 6pm Wednesday 26th Aug xxxx 
Crafty Hugs 


  1. Fabulous samples Bernie! The sets look really great! Xxx

  2. Thank you Jane. I love them. The Baa Humbug (Grumpy Sheep are so humorous) Nice to have something different to work with ....