Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep .... chirp !

Hello My Lovely Peeps...
Who remembers Middle of the road way back when !  Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep ?
One of the first records I ever bought along with David Cassidy and the Partridge Family. Don't take Your Love Away From Me... Deep sigh.  Who Else had the full length poster on the bedroom wall bought over three weeks out of the girls magazine Jackie and while we are talking about that magazine who remembers Cathy and Claire the problem pages !  ..... the teenage bible ! fond memories ... however I digress ....

Our sets this month are a little different .... Two sets both birds
The first is

And the next one is

Now normally I can say yes I prefer one over the other and give you a reason why BUT
I like both of these equally.   If you look carefully at the birds ..... Look at the wings you will see that they are made up from other images .... niot feathers ... Take a look.

And here with the other birds tail ...

The First image is that of Oliver Owl .... The one just above is nature reserve .... For all you colourists out there these are a dream and so very different I will leave you with a few samples of what I have done I really hope you like them as I really did have such fun deciding what to do .... These will not be put away in a folder but left on a box along side my favorite other sets like the Poppies close to hand ....I anticipate using these a lot x 

As you can see I had fun this month x Hope you like these as much as I enjoyed making them xxxxx 

Crafty Hugs xxx


  1. fab samples here. those stamps are really cool xx

  2. Thank you Theresa xxx for your lovely comment xx