Monday, 19 February 2018

Hello Lovely Peeps

                                         December's Monthly Special 2017 - A Walk with Nature
Pebble Art.  Who has heard of it? The idea is you paint a pebble and then varnish it and hide it somewhere ... in a park or at a shopping centre. Anywhere it will be found. The thinking behind it is the world can be a dark grey place sometimes... so let's add a little colour bring a smile to someone's face who had found one of these treasures  If someone finds it they can take a photo and rehide it or just take a photo and keep the pebble. But let FACEBOOK know there are plenty of pages on there with different towns and cities Type in Pebble art and see what comes up near you. 
The second pebble use's January 2018 Monthly Special - Hedgehogs. This was last months special a lovely set that I have been wanting to work with,  but flew off the shelves so we the DT Had to wait! 
Both of these are painted with Tambi watercolour paints these lovely creamy paints give a really good coverage and then I simply sprayed both Pebbles with spray and shine. and just left them to dry.
Here is the stamp from the first Pebble used in a card its called.
A Walk with Nature. A5 Clear stamp set - includes 14 stamps.
Lovely set nice to do spring birthday cards.
I like this set it's unusual.  Hope you do as well.

The Next Three cards very different but are all taken from the same set this one is from   HOBBY ART and is called  Take Flight.  Very lovely I have only had time to scratch the surface with this set I can see lots of possibilities with this.  I hope it has inspired you x

Well, that's all for this month I hope you like the samples and maybe you would like to Paint a pebble if you would and need any help as to where to buy the pebbles from and what to use then feel free to ask me either here or on Facebook. Always happy to help another crafter if I can x

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