Thursday, 30 May 2013

Windmills Homework cards

Just a few cards I have sent in I thought you may like to see.... I have been asked how I did the sky for the Life Is A Journey card ....All it is is Adirondack ink pads in Butterscotch Cranberry and Stonewashed.My Ink duster brushes and some torn paper.... Stamp the lovers in the boat where you would like them,  Then mask off both your moon and reflection. Then starting with Juniper take a little in the brush and swirl it in a scrap piece of A4 copy paper and brush over the card to  put in your water I used Juniper and Stonewashed.... then add the fields, which are done in Lettuce. Add the windmill and the grass/reeds. Using a ripped bit sheet of A4 I then covered the fields., and starting with the butter scotch started to put in the sky the trick is do not use straight lines...or that is what you will get.  I did not swirl in straight lines....make some bits more one colour then another add and blend Butterscotch with Cranberry to make a nice orange hue then last of all add the Stonewashed Blue making this darker at the upper corners....

The Wedgewood is just very simple cut out from the Cricut Art Nouveau cartridge and inked in Versamark heat embossed in Sea foam white powder from Personal Impressions.  I used The Vine, Laurels leaves. and the Windmill.the edge is the vine in Denim Adirondack.

The bottom card is just basic stamping....Lettuce for the bottom Grass again using Ink dusters/Brushes, then over stamped with the Flamingo grass...Sky was added with a cloud mask from Clarity if you haven't got these already the question has to be asked why? They make life so much easier. The middle is coated clarity card Stamped with the large postage stamp the Windmill added and the sky and grass added as before with the ink dusters then cut out....NO Brayering.....I do love the brayer but today was all about time....and to a large extent Rory who I do Love dearly. XXX  :)  But Rory and craft do not go well together. My monkey thinks its a hoot to change the tops of all my inkpads so I am forever checking. OK Except when I forget then the air turns a little blue. Thank you for reading.  Have a lovely day xxx


  1. Lovely cards Bernie. I really like the colours in the first one. I look forward to seeing them on TV at the weekend. x

  2. Fabulous cards Bernie ... GREAT JOB! =)

  3. Brilliant cards Bernie , my favourite has to be the first one....but I do love them all....hope you and Rory have a good day....hugs.Jo. X