Monday, 17 June 2013

Two card's I have entered for Homework with Barbara Gray the Hares and toadstools go so well with Puck. With the bottom card  I Played around a bit with the ferns till I got the look I wanted think next time I play I will ink the leaves in bottle green....the black for me is to dark and I really don't like Black. I  will have a play in a few days and try the bottle green if I am happier I will post it here.  If not it will go the way of many others in the bin!

I have some news.....I have been asked by my Mother In Law if I would like to do a demonstration at her local Salle de Fete's over in the Vendee region of France so I am hoping to take Clarity overseas. Hope Barbara Approves! It will be a English craft fair of all sorts of things from Chutney to Knitting Quilt making Ironmongery all in all so far there are 85 stalls so I have no idea what to expect there could be 3 people there or 33 or 3003! with a good mix of French and English.  Ohh errr! how did I get talked into this one? It's not till Sept so I will have plenty of time to practice and feel sick!

Hope you are all enjoying some sunshine....or did we blink and miss it!
Crafty hug's and thank you for looking. xxx B

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  1. Beautiful cards Bernie, go do it and have fun. I know you will be amazing.