Saturday, 29 June 2013

I have often raved about the use of Clarity stamps in my cards...I love them and so do many other people. However I know a lot of people are daunted by the type of artwork you can do using all the different techniques. Even regular Carity Homework-teer's! are left quaking in their boot's by the thought of using Billy Brayer!!!

I'll let you all in on a secret so am I! the card below is really a simple beginners card for those who are just wanting to dip their toe in the water.....Come on it's not that bad you will enjoy it once you start!

You will need a circle cut out and a tiny bit of low tack masking tape just to hold the circle in place while you do the clouds...
Clarity Cloud mask.....wonderful invention what did we do before this!
Clarity Stamp fern stamp from last months toadstool set
The word's are from Clarity Happy words set
A few Flowers Mine are from Sweet lilac they are on facebook so pop over and take a peek or a like ....Fabby Flowers

Adirondack inkpads

An ink duster or shaving brush
A few gems I have 4 clear 1 red.
Place you circle in were you would like the sun to go.
then put the cloud mask over the top and taking your ink duster or shaving brush swirl round on the stonewashed blue Go to the mask and gently take some of the ink off gradually making swirling motions out towards the edge of the mask...Following the line of where the clouds are. Then gradually move the mask and do the same thing again until you are happy and the sky is covered...Take 5 white paper flowers and ink your fern stamp over with Butterscotch stamp four of the flowers and one with Red Pepper put to one side and clean off your ink up in Lettuce and stamp in your Grass still using the fern and using 2nd generation ink stamp some of the faded ferns over the top of the first lot of ferns....because they are faded they look as though they are behind the ferns you have stamped already when you are happy and all the stamping is done. Take away the circle and with butterscotch swirl the ink duster or shaving brush round. take a bit of copy paper and take of the ink a little now swirling gently in a circular motion add the butterscotch to the sun. Now Take you sentiment and ink it in Black I used Pitch Black Adirondack. and stamp in the middle of your now yellow sun.
Tape the back of the now dry flowers with double sided tape and stick where you would like them to be. add a few gems to the center.
Job done this card took me less then 15 mins to make I hope you enjoy and decide to have a go. X
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