Monday, 1 July 2013

The card this month was an easy make after some thought I knew I wanted in my minds eye to recreate a childhood memory of Sennens Cove in Cornwall which is where in the 60s we used to come on our holiday.
Joy Is a lovely Word that covers many different occasions.
 You will need for this card the small stamps from the harbour set the Joy Framer and the tree from the wrought iron dolls house set.

Pitch black


Ink dusters or shaving brushes.

Theuva card and regular cardstock. I have used a scallop card here.

First I stamped joy in the Pitch Black Adirondack on the center of a 4 1/2 x 4 cm piece of theuva card. then with the second generation ink stamped onto a post it note and cut the O out in the JOY leaving a window after checking the Joy was dry on the card! I inked the boat and positioned it inside the O. colour the boat in brown with ink dusters put in the sky, sea and sand add the birds so they are flying out of the O and the Seagull hovering mat the topper put to one go to your scalloped card and with the cloud mask and your inkdusters (Or Make-up sponge) gently not using to much ink ....gently follow the line of the cloud mask swirling around the edge when happy move the mask and go again until you have your skyline. You need to leave some room for the sea and beach so you need really to be a third of the way down. now the sea a little more ink on the brush for this and instead of going to the mask and swirling...go straight to the card swirl with small circular motions to get the movement of the sea you can add some white waves with pen if you wish ...( I did this but the the topper had to go somewhere so you can't see them!) Sea done, the beach is next but with butterscotch. then add the tip of the Wrought Iron Dolls House Tree colour in with promarkers I used Lime zest for the leaves and Orchid,and Pink Carnation for to dot the flowers.
This will be My Aunties Jan's Birthday card She is my godmother and shared many of the Cornwall Holidays with us with My Uncle Harold They are both getting on in year's now and becoming a tad frail but it is Aunties Jans Birthday On the 30th June so as I write this on her Birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIE JAN ....xxxxx I hope you like the Birthday card.


  1. Lovely feel to this card Bernie, reminds me of a misty morning before the sun starts shining by the sea x

  2. Great card Bernie and perfect for the really does feel like I am there in the frame. I hope your Auntie had a lovely Birthday and that she treasures your card ....hugs. Jo. X

  3. Beautiful card Bernie you can just picture yourself on top of the cliffs looking down xx

  4. Wonderful card Bernie, and so clever using the Joy stamp. Love it, it has such a great atmosphere.

  5. Such a classy delicate card Bernie. Reminds me of long rides on Southport beach. Lovely x

  6. Beautiful card Bernie. It really is a joyful scene. I'm sure your Auntie loved it. x

  7. Happy Birthday Bernie's Auntie Jan!!
    Bet she loved this beautiful card bringing back special holiday memories xxx

  8. Great card Bernie, I love the way you have used the Joy stamp, quite inspirational. x

  9. Such a great memory of a childhood holiday and what a great idea to replicate this in the "joy" stamp :-)

    xx Sazzle xx

  10. I like the idea you have tried to replicate a memory , Em x

  11. A great idea and interpretation Bernie, really

  12. A great card Bernie. Really great use of stamps and shows you don't need to get special stamps to create a seaside scene! Well done. XX