Saturday, 31 August 2013

Swirl Homework

These were just a couple of very quick cards made for Barbara Grays homework  using the leafy swirls.
The first made with Gold flakes on back card I used glue to ink the stamps  you can buy a pad that holds the glue, Fat foam I think its called. and you use this by adding the glue to it and spreading it even over the pad then using the now sticky pad as you would an inkpad once "INKED" with the glue place stamp onto where you want the Image to go on your piece of card.  Do be very careful to make sure you clean the  All glue off your stamp or you will wreck it, and that's the last thing you need after investing so much money in your stamps I use warm water soap and a old toothbrush that gets into all the nooks and cranny's and if you have any glue left still on the stamp take some NAIL VARNISH REMOVER and with a baby-wipe wipe any remaining residue from the glue can feel when it's clean. the glue is safe to leave for a few mins while you go and do this ....come back to the card and leave the now clean stamp to dry. Next hold the card over the box of gilding flakes and scatter them over the top of the glued image. have a baby-wipe and a paper towel to hand. Once the card is covered in the flakes wipe any excess glue off fingers! and dry with a paper towel then with the sponge ( I use a dry Green Backed Sponge Scourer ) Gently wipe in a circular motion over the flakes making sure all the  glue is covered  and also keeping your card over the box of gilding flake's the excess bits will fall back into the box for you to use next time.

SPLAT was fun and easy....MANY MANY THANKS to the Wonderful the one and only Eileen Goodwin.for sharing the technique with me.
You will need a selection of Distress stains by ranger ...All you need to do is turn the bottle upside down and give it a good whack as you hit the card will get a splat I just picked a few colours I thought would match and randomly whacked them.....then stamped over the top with clear versamrk and heat embossed in gold the backing paper was made on the gelli plate in similar colour's using the Clarity Trellis stencil  Matt and layered it.... Job done.


  1. Ace student Bernie! Fab homework, I do love the Splat!

  2. You little star Bernie! Super cards and a kind gesture when you mentioned me and my whacking methods!
    Cheers Bernie... got to say that gold flakes card is a stunner!
    Eileen xxx

  3. Credit where credit is due Saw yours (SPLAT) loved it and shall be using it again with your permission xxxx