Monday, 23 April 2012

Something painted.....B for Bernie or Boo!

Well I've had this in the craftcave for I don't know how thought I had better do something with it and as the challenge this week is something painted.  So here it is. It took three coats of gold paint and the green was some water colour pots think they at one time may have been H2Os however the lids have long since broken and having found them thought I would try and see what happened.
Well the swirl was a mixture of two or three  acrylic set's that were similar in size and design I tried putting the paint on a tray and pressing down to see it the paint would lift....but it did not go on evenly so wiping off with a baby wipe try again.......this time I painted it on with a brush.....nope that didn't work either.  What to do by this time the paint was a nice pool of mess in the corner of the tray so do I waste it and rethink I find an old Opalescent inkpad that had been thrown away and put the ink on that and see what happens Ah ha! ok it's cheating ....a bit but hey it sort of worked there are a few smudges where the ink was too gloopy and maybe it's ran in a couple of places but hey overall I'm quiet happy with it. I didn't use use a block but rather picked up the stamp at the corner wrapped it around and held it in place and prayed then very carefully unwrapped it. what do you think?
 I forgot to mention that I would like to enter this in the Crafty Blogger's Network Challenge this week the theme is painted and is sponsored by Do Crafts. Good luck to all entering


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  2. Really stunning sweetie, I love the colours and those elegant vines look gorgeous
    Lindsay xx