Friday, 20 April 2012

Red White and Blue

This was lovely to do....

You will need
2 pieces of A4 cardstock on Red one Blue
Card For stamping on again I have used Neemha.
Clarity Stamp Blooming corners
Clarity Stamp Verse to see the world.......(.I Love this stamp)
Denim Inkpad By Adirondack
Berry Red
And a selection of blues I used
Pastel Blue
Powder Blue
Blue Pearl.

Again I stamped the frame and added the verse and ladybirds and coloured in.  Made into an easel frame. I trimmed by hand about an inch off either side of the stand up part of the card to make it square ......I was just playing and thought it looked more interesting but you could offset it or mount is as you would like it. I Put glossy accents on the ladybirds and there job done! ......this was a joy to make and I will be making more I love the colour combo.  And with the Jubilee coming up it is a little patriotic without going overboard.

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