Friday, 20 April 2012

Thank you all kindly for your patience.....I keep trying to update but life has got in the way a little this week. My DH has gone back to work this week after a month off. He works away from home for long periods. and there is always an adjustment period if you like when he disappears back to work. I have my Eldest Son James finishing off his dissertation and Rory "Just Being Rory" but missing his Dad immensely. So whilst I have been crafting, the blog has been put on the back burner a bit.

What you will need is;
Copy paper
Stamping Card I know Clarity have THEUVA CARD but I bought loads of Neemha card when I was at the NEC so I am using that for now.
Clarity Stamps Blooming Corner stamp set.
Speedball Brayer
Espresso inkpad by Adirondack
Butterscotch inkpad by Adirondack.
sharp scissors
Make-up sponge's (2)
Glue or double sided tape.
8x8 Square card
Pro markers;
Carnation Pink
Pastel Yellow
Pastel Blue
Powder Blue
Leaf Green
Pastel Pink
Pastel Green
Blender Pen

I am not going to try and explain how I did this But send you direct to Barbara Grey's Classroom lesson 6. This can be found either on the Create and Craft website or on The Clarity Stamps website. Barbara explains how to do this FAR BETTER than I ever could and those who have seen the pic's and laughed on Facebook will understand why I say this.
The only thing I have done differently is added a little blue to the Bee's wings so as they look a little more lifelike (well I think they do).

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